It’s, They’re, You’re

It’s, They’re, You’re

Now that you know the rules for apostrophes, it’s time to look at some common problems.

It’s vs. Its

It’s has a contraction because it’s short for it is or it has.

It’s -10C today.

It’s been great talking to you.

Its is possessive. Just like his, my, yours and other possessive pronouns, its doesn’t have an apostrophe.

Its face is so cute.

Its minty aroma is the perfect finishing touch.

They’re, Their, and There

They’re is a contraction of they are.

They’re going to the gym.

They’re my parents.

Their is the possessive form of they.

Their writing has improved immensely.

Their joke was my favorite.

There refers to a place or idea.

Eliza lives there.

There is some confusion about what I said.

You’re vs. Your

You’re is another contraction, and it means you are.

You’re my best friend.

You’re really going to New Zealand?

Your is the possessive form of you.

Your strawberry pie is irresistible

Your kindness is appreciated.

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