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Leverage industry-leading tools and elite freelance writing talent to produce amazing content at scale.

A robust content creation platform that lets you easily create high-quality content at any scale, connect with expert writers, and save time with innovative technology.

Creating your account is free, and there are no monthly commitments. You pay per word for any content you order. Prices start at 3.5 cents per word and go up to 15.9 cents per word depending on the type of content you need and what quality you want.

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Finding quality content that's also optimized for SEO purposes has been one of the biggest pain points for our SEO services. I was relieved when Crowd Content turned out to be so great not only for the actual content creation, but as people to deal with from month to month. Your team has been awesome to work with!

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The Technology and Talent You Need
to Create Amazing Content — All in One Place

Marketers face ever-growing demands to create better content and more of it. That’s a challenge. Your Crowd Content Marketplace account gives you everything you need to meet that challenge.

Powerful tools allowing for detailed brief creation, bulk order creation, custom layouts, photo integration, and one-click publishing come standard. Plus, you can build as many teams of writers as you need and staff them with over 6,000 pre-approved writers covering every niche imaginable.

The technology & talent

Learn about our platform

Values, gamification, and technology align to deliver quality content.

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  1. Place orders with our simple interface. Our one-page order form asks you a few simple, essential questions about your content requirements. You can easily specify voice, tone, keywords, and other important guidelines.
  2. Qualified writers create your content. A qualified writer will claim your order and write your content based on your guidelines. Use instant chat or request revisions to ensure the content perfectly matches your requirements.
  3. Engage your audience and increase search traffic. Publish amazing content that engages your target audience. Word of mouth, social shares, and organic search traffic together grow your customer base. It’s that easy!

It starts with talent

At Crowd Content, we set the bar high. Roughly 15% of new writers pass our rigorous application process. We assess skills like creativity, spelling and grammar, and ability to follow directions. Only the best are accepted.

And a culture to satisfy

New writers learn our Core Values that focus on Quality, Turnaround Speed, and Reliability. Simply creating good content isn’t enough — writers are trained to meet and exceed your expectations.

Then, Reward Excellence

As writers begin their careers at Crowd Content, they quickly learn that performance is rewarded. Writers with high client ratings, fast turnaround times, and no missed deadlines gain status and access to higher paying jobs.

Encourage collaboration

We believe that content is a collaborative process. Use instant chat or the revisions tool to communicate in real-time with your writers and put the finishing touches on your content.

And leverage technology

Features like automated content calendars, bulk ordering tools, CSV imports, writer teams, and API integrations make delivering on complex content projects smooth and successful.

Simplify content strategy

Time is your most valuable resource. Campaigns will help you save it. Tons of it. Build, schedule, edit, and organize your content strategy from one simple, but powerful, dashboard.

Automate and organize

The Campaigns content calendar automatically places your scheduled orders with the writing team you’ve selected, on the dates you’ve specified. Notifications then tell you when content is ready.

The beauty of your brand is in its voice. Develop it, maintain it, and optimize it. Easily communicate style, voice, and content guidelines to your team of hand-picked writers.

Easily publish anywhere

Say goodbye to copying and pasting. Our App Directory lets you publish instantly to popular platforms like WordPress, Hootsuite, and Shopify. We also offer a fully-featured API for advanced users.

Popular Features

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Detailed Order Form

Capture every element of your brief and ensure writers have all the info they need to deliver content that meets your requirements.

Image showing bulk ordering

Bulk Ordering

Need to create a lot of content fast? Our bulk ordering tools let you import hundreds of content orders at once by filling out an easy to use CSV file.

Image showing an app integration

Shopify and BigCommerce Apps

Connect your entire product catalog to your Marketplace account and easily select products you want fresh copy for.

Image showing custom layouts

Custom Layouts

Design templates for your writers to write within. Specify each header, textbox, call to action and specify character or word count requirements.

Image showing writers network

Robust Writer Network

We've approved over 6,000 writers covering virtually every niche, and you can connect with all of them with a simple search.

Image showing editing services

Editing Services

Add an editing layer to your orders to give your content an extra layer of polish.

Image showing writers team

Writer Teams

You can build as many writer teams as you need, with as many team members as you need. Some clients have hundreds of team members spread across dozens of teams, each used to create specific types of content.

Image showing publishing options

Flexible Publishing Options

Publish completed content in just a few clicks. We support WordPress, Shopify, and BigCommerce and can also offer custom API publishing.

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We're Here to Help You Succeed With Content Creation

Getting set up and running is easy, but our dedicated Customer Success team is here to help in any way they can.

Dedicated Customer Success

When you register you’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. You can contact them at any time with questions or if you need a hand getting any of your projects set up.

Knowledge Base

We've built a robust knowledge base that highlights how to make use of all our powerful tools.


Our blog and resources sections offer great advice on how drive better results by creating amazing content.

Design a Content Creation Package That Meets Your Needs

Creating an account is free and you only pay for the content you order. With prices to match whatever quality and expertise you need, you can pick and choose what types of content you want at what price.

Standard per word prices for writing Articles, Blog Posts, City Pages, Website Content, Ebooks, Press Releases, White Papers, Newsletters
Type   
Marketplace Standard Rates 3.5 ¢/ word 8.9 ¢/ word 11.9 ¢/ word 15.9 ¢/ word
Product Descriptions Re-write 3.5 ¢/ word 8.9 ¢/ word 11.9 ¢/ word 15.9 ¢/ word
Product Descriptions Fresh 3.5 ¢/ word 8.9 ¢/ word 11.9 ¢/ word 15.9 ¢/ word
Tweets $1.75 / tweet $2.75 / tweet
Facebook Posts $2.25 / 1 post $3.25 / 1 post
Metadata $1.95 / 1 set $2.80 / 1 set

Have Questions About Our Program?

Fresh, relevant content helps build and engage your customer base. It’s important to make sure that your content is up-to-date and relates to your audience.

Our writers are trained to ensure that they write content that is fresh and relevant to your audience.

Furthermore, fresh and relevant content helps search engines recognize your website as trustworthy and determine where you should be displayed on the Search Engine Results Page, also known as the SERP.

Connect with a qualified content creator today!

Absolutely! In fact, SEO agencies from around the world have trusted us for over three years to provide them with high-quality, search engine optimized content.

Our interactive content order form enables you to specify which keywords you would like included in your copy. From there, the writer will be sure to incorporate these keywords throughout your content.

Looking for SEO metadata? Our writers can do that too.

Connect with an SEO writer today!

It’s simple – you don’t pay for content you don’t like.

If you aren’t happy with the content your writer has produced, you can send it back to your writer for unlimited revisions.

In the rare case that your writer completely misses the mark after the revision process, simply reject the content and we will refund you the cost of that order.

Yes. Contact your customer success manager to learn more about our proofreading services.

The best way to determine how much your website will cost is to figure out how many words you plan to have on each page of your website.

Once you’ve determined roughly how many words will be on your site, visit our pricing page and utilize the automatic price calculator.

Unsure about website content best practices?

No problem. Email us, or call 1-888-983-3103 and our content strategists will guide you through website best practices at no cost.

We have you covered. Before a writer can send you the content they have created, the copy is scanned using a Google-approved tool called Copyscape.

Copyscape takes the content your writer has created and scans the entire internet to make sure there’s no duplicate content anywhere on the web.

You do not need to worry about duplicate content with Crowd Content writers.

We're Here to Help You Succeed With Content Creation

Getting set up and running is easy, and our dedicated Customer Success team is here to help in any way they can.

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