Choosing the Right Tone

Choosing the Right Tone

You might think that writing is more formal than speaking, but that’s not always the case, especially in blogging. Unless your client specifies otherwise, you want your blog to sound conversational.

How do you do that?

Here are five tips.

Write Like You’re Talking to a Friend

When you’re talking to your friends, you use the pronoun “you”, as well as contractions, sentence fragments, and informal words. You might also say “umm” and “uhhh” a lot, but get rid of those interjections in your blogging. Think of it this way: write in the same tone that you use with your friends, but without any awkward pauses.

Stuffy: Lots of people want to improve their blog tone. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Conversational: Do you want to improve your blog tone? I’ve got four tips to help you.

Stuffy: Cameras have improved in the last year. Here are things to look for when buying a camera.

Conversational: So, you’re buying a new camera. Unless you’re a photography buff, you’re probably unaware of the latest camera features. Here are some of the most essential features to look for.

What changes these examples from stuffy to conversational? Writing for “you”, asking questions, and using contractions.

If you have trouble writing conversationally, picture a specific person that you’re writing/talking to.

Tell Stories

Stories create a personal connection with your reader. You’re no longer just conveying information, you’re sharing your life. Don’t forget that stories also make great opening lines.

Have a Personality

You’re a real person, so don’t pretend that you’re not! For most blogs, you probably want to seem friendly, humorous, and upbeat. If your real personality doesn’t fit those descriptions, experiment with an online persona; just make sure that your tone is still authentic.

Break the Rules

How do you feel about your grammar? While you shouldn’t do anything too drastic on your blog, you are allowed to break some grammar rules. Sentence fragments and starting sentences with a coordinating conjunction are definitely acceptable.

Example: Today I saw a rattle snake. In my shower.

Example: But you wouldn’t do that.

Be Positive

Has your client provided a call to action for your blog post? If so, your goal is to make readers inspired enough to fulfill that call.

If you think that a whiny, grumpy, ranting, or otherwise negative post is motivating, think again.

Staying positive throughout your post leaves a good impression and might even make your readers’ day.

Try This!

Pay attention to your conversations. If you can remember a conversation almost word-for-word, right it down.

How do you talk?

Do you use exclamations, slang, improper grammar, personal pronouns? Include those in your writing.

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