Verified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) In 30+ Industries.

Create original content working directly with a SME, or leverage our SME review service to have teams of SMEs review, improve, and byline your content at scale.

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Create expert-level content at any scale that powers your SEO and impresses your readers.

Find The Perfect Subject Matter Expert For Your Content

With hundreds of verified experts in virtually every industry, you're sure to find experts that help you create the authoritative content you're looking for.

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An automotive copywriter specializes in everything to do with the auto industry. They populate your website with copy that uses search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization best practices.

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It takes experience and skill to write business content effectively. This writing style is professional and concise while effectively conveying information to readers about your company, your services, team and values.

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An eCommerce writer is a copywriter who specializes in content that helps companies sell their products and services online. This type of writer has a professional understanding of branding, digital marketing and SEO.

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Our education content writers are experts in their fields. In addition to testing their acumen as content writers and SEO experts, we ensure high-level proficiency in the field of education by administering further industry-specific assessments.

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Crowd Content’s fashion writers have proven knowledge of fashion industry best practices, current fashion trends and content creation. They’re experienced in creating various content types to help you grow and retain your brand’s audience.

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Content writers in the financial sector understand how to make complex concepts engaging and interesting while answering web users' most pressing questions. They focus on financial writing that satisfies web users and search engines.

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Our law copywriters are experts in two areas: legal services and content marketing. The content they produce can help your company reach a wider audience and build a reputation as a legal services authority.

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Our fully vetted marketing copywriters are ideally placed to help companies market and expand their reach. Our marketing writers have the talent to seamlessly adapt to any brand voice and provide high-quality content at speed.

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Our medical content writers can do everything from populating websites with copy that converts to writing technical white papers for medical device manufacturers. They provide helpful information and let search engines know your medical site is worth visiting.

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Real Estate

Real estate is one of the biggest industries in the world, gaining an astounding $2.5 trillion in 2020 alone. However, letting prospective clients know your real estate company is the one to choose in such a crowded market is an entirely different challenge.

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Our writers generate tech content based on your brand's unique voice and personality, communicating highly complex concepts in an engaging and meaningful manner. We've got writers with expertise spanning the full spectrum of tech content.

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In 2019, the tourism industry pulled in 2.9 trillion dollars globally. New companies are popping up every year, and getting noticed by your target audience is getting harder. We can help you position yourself as a brand authority and send your website to the top of the search engine results pages.

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Our dental SMEs include professionals trained as dentists and technicians. They have both the education and experience to help craft expert dental content.

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Connect with personal trainers, nutritionists, kinesiologists, and other fitness professionals.

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Pet & Veterinary

Find the perfect expert to create authoritative content about pets. Experts include vets, technicians, and trainers.

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Our expert roster includes a wide variety of parenting and childcare professionals.

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Connect with professional chefs and nutritionists for your next expert project.

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Building & Construction

Find certified builders, engineers, architects and more who can add an expert voice to your content.

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Why You'll Love Our SME Services

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    Proven Experts in Your Industry

    With a roster featuring hundreds of verified experts you’re sure to find the level of writers you’re looking for. Our roster even includes doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

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    Create Expert Content at Scale

    Our SME review service lets you create content with our large network of professional writers, and then have your experts review their content to fact check it, add their insights, and add their byline. This is the most effective way to create expert content at scale.

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    Budget Friendly Rates

    By using our SME review service you can get your content written by top-notch freelance writers at much lower rates than having experts write it. Then, with SME review, you still get the expert level insight and accuracy you’re looking for but at a much lower price point.

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    Get Results Quickly

    Because we have a proven network of experts ready to go, you won’t have to spend time recruiting and vetting experts yourself. Plus, our Managed Services team is experienced at launching new content creation programs quickly, so you can have your expert content creation program up and running much faster than doing it fully in-house.

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    Bylined Content

    With Google’s E-A-T initiatives many marketers want their content to be bylined by proven experts. Our SME review service can provide you with this, even if you’re creating large volumes of content.

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    Fully Managed

    With our Managed Services we handle everything for you so all you have to do is communicate with your dedicated content manager and wait for your content to be delivered.

Work With Subject Matter Experts The Way You Want

We make it easy to work with our network of SMEs. Either connect with them directly to have them create original content, or leverage our SME review program to have our Managed Services team coordinate multiple experts to review your high-volume content projects.

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Create Original Content

Find the perfect SME for your content project and connect with them directly to have them create original content. Our platform lets you discover experts, communicate with them, share your brief, review content, and more.

Subject Matter Expert Review

Let our Managed Services team handle your entire content creation process, including coordinating multiple SMEs to review your content, add their insights, and add their byline.

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Their team was eager to help us design a process that would expedite our work with their subject matter experts. They sourced multiple professionals who were happy to lend their expertise and took care to ensure each was authentic and qualified to provide the review we required.

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