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What Is Technical Writing?

  • While tech writing can refer to writing about technical topics, such as software, it’s a broader writing discipline. Technical writing involves writing about any type of complex or niche-based topic.
  • Often, the goal of technical writing is to simplify complex information so that anyone reading the copy can understand it and act on it.
  • Strong technical writers can mold content to fit the audience’s needs, whether they are creating medical content for clinical professionals or writing software instructions for regular users.

When Do You Need Technical Writing Services?

From cooking to coding, content that teaches calls for a specific format and eye on the details. Leaving out a seemingly slight bit of instruction could derail the entire task for the end-user. Technical writers understand how to analyze data and processes and capture that information in a methodical manner that educates or walks people through a task.

When you want to condense high-level content into meaningful marketing for the masses or explain a complex process or idea to audiences that aren’t experts in your niche, it can take a skilled writer to get the job done. Technical writers often act as a bridge between expert niche content and layperson audiences. 

A Technical Writing Service You Can Count On

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With a database of more than 6,000 freelance writers, Crowd Content makes it easy to find content creators with the knowledge and skills you need. We have writers with experience in fields including engineering, finance, medical, and IT—just to name a few.

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Revision Processes to Support Quality

Creating high-level content in any niche requires a working partnership between clients and content creators. Crowd Content’s revision processes let you provide feedback to your writers so they can ensure you’re thrilled with the end product. You can also add professional editing to your orders to take them to the next level.

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Unique, Human-Written Content

Our platform uses powerful plagiarism detection software to ensure all of your content is completely unique. Writers can also include citations in your preferred format.

We’ve built powerful plagiarism detection software into our platform to ensure you get 100% unique content each time you order. Our writers are adept at research and will include citations in your preferred format to keep everything above board, and we also take precautions against AI or machine-generated content.

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5 Technical Writing Services Crowd Content Can Help With

Because technical writing is such a specific skill set, and you often want an expert technical writer with experience in your industry, it can be difficult to find the right match. At Crowd Content, we streamline your search by connecting you with thousands of potential writers.

Because technical writing is such a specific skill set—and you often want an expert technical writer with experience in your industry—it can be difficult to find the right match. At Crowd Content, we streamline your search by connecting you with thousands of potential writers.

You can browse writers by industry-relevant tags to find freelancers with hands-on or writing experience in fields like electronics, software, engineering and pharmaceuticals. Our writing pool literally crosses the globe, and some of our freelancers have advanced degrees in fields such as software development, engineering, biology, physics and medicine.

Our technical writing services cover almost any type of technical writing need you might have. We’ve listed a few examples of technical writing our team can help with below, but this list is not comprehensive. If you have a technical writing project and need a writer for it, we can help.

1. User Manuals

Also known as end-user documentation, this type of content is meant to ensure people can use your product safely and appropriately. User manuals are a type of technical writing found in almost any industry. For example, here are some types of products that come with user manuals:

  • RC cars for kids or hobbyists
  • Smartphones or any type of electronics or communication equipment
  • Refrigerators and any kitchen appliances, large or small
  • Tents or other camping gear
  • Calligraphy fountain pens

You can see that the product itself may not seem technical, but technical writers are still the ones creating the user manuals. This also includes safety information and warnings on product packaging or product cards included with packaging.

2. Technical Reports, Literature Reviews, or Experiment Findings

These types of technical writing refer to formal reports that present research findings, experimental results or other technical data in a structured and organized way. Technical reports usually include sections such as abstracts, introductions, literature reviews, methodologies, results, discussions, conclusions and references. They’re typically written for a specific audience that is making decisions based in part on the information presented.

Examples include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Reports detailing scientific research and the conclusions that can be drawn from experiments or data
  • Reports that detail and analyze information about whether some product or action is feasible
  • Reports that document environmental impacts for products, businesses, or actions
  • Reports that present the outcome of medical trials

3. Standard Operating Procedures or Other Process Documentation

Process documents record steps and procedures involved in performing specific tasks or operations. They’re used to provide concise instructions on how to carry out a particular task or process, often as a guide for employees, contractors or other stakeholders. Process documents may include flowcharts, standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions and checklists. Some primary goals of process documents include:

  • Ensuring consistency when disparate people perform tasks
  • Supporting quality and accuracy of outcomes
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and standards
  • Improving productivity and efficiency
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer within an organization

4. Instructional and Training Materials

Instructional and training materials are designed to education employees, business partners or customers. Often, technical writing services are required to take high-level, complex information from experts and turn it into something that can be easily taught in classrooms or learned via self-learning portals.

Examples of this type of technical writing can include:

  • Workbooks that guide someone through a specific process
  • Self-paced online learning modules
  • Checklists that help ensure safety

5. White Papers or Case Studies on Technical or Specialized Topics

White papers are a type of report that positions a specific product or idea as the solution to some sort of challenge. For example, if a dental manufacturer has a new product that helps remove build-up on teeth better than traditional toothbrushes, it might commission a white paper about how the product solves this challenge and is beneficial to dental patients. The white paper would be used to market the product to dentists.

Case studies, on the other hand, analyze specific situations involving solutions and what the actual outcome was. For example, if a dental office started recommending this new product to patients, a case study might be created noting the positive outcomes in the office’s patient population.

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Our Most Popular Technical Content Formats

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White Papers

Create white papers to explain complex and industry-specific concepts for your visitors.

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Build your authority in your industry with high-quality ebooks written by industry experts.

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Case Studies

Document your company’s successes with case studies that illustrate the complex technical processes behind your success.

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Order technical documentation for even the most technical of products and services.

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FAQ's About Our Technical Writing Service

Many people think technical writing is any content about tech topics like software or data analytics. However, technical writing is a type of skill used across all types of industries. Different reasons to use technical writing include:

  • Educating others about a topic
  • Explaining a complex topic to audiences that don’t have a background in the niche
  • Creating content for experts in your niche that have a high level of technical proficiency with the information 

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Technical expertise regarding the topic at hand or enough knowledge to understand information presented by experts
  • Ability to explain complex information using metaphors, illustrations and other context that makes it accessible by others
  • A desire and ability to adhere to necessary formats or instructions to ensure technical content meets end-user needs

Sure, please contact us and our Customer Success team will be happy to send you a writing sample. Please include some details about your company and the project you’re working on.

At Crowd Content, you can easily find the ideal technical writer for your project by searching our freelancer database. Search by industry or content tags to find writers who have successfully completed projects in your niche before. You can also reach out to customer service or content managers for help in choosing writers for your content teams. 

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