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Some platforms advertise that they have millions of freelance writers available.
Impressive? Kind of.
While the numbers are huge, it can be difficult to find great writers. And, with both readers and search engines expecting better and better content, only great writers will suffice.
At Crowd Content, we process thousands of applications each month and only accept the best of the best. We do the screening for you so you can choose a writer you know will be great.

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Drew Berger

Ohio, USA

Constantly Improving

Plus, all of our writers are incentivized to produce better content.

Our gamified system lets them improve their ranking on the site by delivering great content, providing on-time delivery and working well with clients.

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Our platform lets you hire freelancers with the expertise you need to create compelling and authoritative content that engages your audience.
While finding writers with the specific industry knowledge and experience you’re looking for is important, so is finding writers that know how to write they type of content you need written for your content marketing mix. Copywriting is a lot different than content writing, for example.
We make it easy for you to find experts in crafting every type of content.

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Work Directly or Hands Free

Our platform supports your team’s needs and workflow. If you need to produce in-depth content with one expert writer, communicating directly, you can. If you need to build a team of writers to tackle a high-volume project, try our managed services.


Connect with over 6,000 writers spanning every niche to order high-quality content. Powerful content creation tools let you create quality writing at any scale.

Managed Services

Let our experienced project managers build teams of expert writers for you and coordinate all your content projects. Includes 3 layers of editing and QA to ensure you get publish-ready content at scale.

Expand Your Team with Long-Term Writer Relationships

Finding writers that really get your business is hugely important to content creation, but so is keeping them.

We make it easy to organize your writing teams, communicate with them, give them feedback and share information with them. That’s critical to getting good outcomes and helping your writers understand and grow with your brand over time.

We have many clients that have been working with individual writers for over 5 years, and our platform is designed to encourage these longer term relationships.

Ordering Content Made Easy

Use our intuitive content creation platform to easily get content from the perfect writer for your business.

Place a Direct Order

Simply choose your writer’s name when placing your order and it goes directly to them, along with your instructions, creative brief, style guide and supporting materials.

Review Completed Content

Your writer will create your content quickly, sending it to you for review where you can either accept it or request revisions.

Download and Publish

Once you accept your content, download it in the format you prefer or publish it directly to WordPress, Shopify, or BigCommerce.

For more complex projects your Customer Success Manager can also assist with bulk ordering, team building, team management, and exporting large amounts of content.

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Our platform exists to help marketers connect with the web's best content writers and create amazing content.

Once you’ve setup an account you’ll instantly have access to our platform where you can search through over 6,000 writer profiles, review samples and even submit a casting call to audition our writers.

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FAQs about Hiring Writers

We have over 6,000 vetted writers from around the world who can craft excellent English language content. That said, the vast majority of our writers are based in the United States. We also have many writers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Our platform makes it easy to find the perfect freelance writer. We offer a powerful writer search tool that lets you discover writers based on their skills and expertise.

You can also submit a casting call that invites freelancers to pitch their services to you and send you samples.

Yes! We also have a large pool of editors that you can hire to review your content. Editing is also available as an added quality layer on any content you order from us.

Yes. Many of our writers are experienced at writing ebooks, and our messaging and revision system makes the process easy.

We recommend breaking up your ebook into multiple orders, such as by placing an order by chapter. Feel free to contact your customer success manager for help doing this.

Yes. Revisions are unlimited and you aren’t charged until you’re 100% happy.

No. We do not offer academic writing services of any sort.

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