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Obtain stellar conversion rates with SaaS content writing services from expert writers

When it comes to technology, expertise matters. That’s true during R&D, and it’s true with marketing tasks such as SaaS content creation. Find out below how SaaS content writing services from expert content creators can help you drive more conversions and exceed business goals.

What Is SaaS Content Writing?

SaaS content writing is a marketing process that leverages online content to make people aware of your brand, business and products. The goals of SaaS content writing are to:

  • Educate people about your products and services, including how you can solve their problems or meet their needs´╗┐
  • Create brand awareness about your business and products so that people are more likely to turn to them when they have a relevant need
  • Connect with existing customers to build brand loyalty and maximize customer lifecycle value

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How Our SaaS Content Writing Services Make Your Content More Powerful

Crowd Content’s SaaS content writing services are powered by experts in SEO and content marketing as well as content writers with knowledge and experience in the SaaS industry. Combined, this expertise creates a number of benefits for our clients, including:

  1. High-quality content at scale: Our teams can create one blog post or a hundred blog posts, all with the same quality and attention to important details like SEO. We’ve built a database of thousands of content writers who are ready to work on your project so we can meet fast turn-around times for single articles or scale up to create content for entire websites in a few weeks.
  2. Expert content that meets Google E-E-A-T requirements: Crowd Content has worked to identify subject-matter experts in a variety of key content arenas, including technology and software. Our SaaS content writers include freelancers with credentials and experience in the industry, as well as journalists who have written about technology and software for a decade or more. These experts can help you create bylined content that meets Google’s requirements for experience, expertise, and authority..
  3. Efficiencies that reduce in-house costs:´╗┐ Our content management teams can do the heavy lifting for SaaS content writing projects, including building the right team of content creators, creating briefs to keep everyone on track, editing written content to ensure the utmost quality, and delivering content formatted for easy publishing on your end.

Types of SaaS Content Writing Services

A comprehensive SaaS content marketing strategy helps you compete online and connect with the right audience. Here are just a few types of SaaS content writing services Crowd Content offers that can help with those goals:

  • Blog posts: Cover a variety of topics relevant to your audience and enhance the overall SEO performance of your website with a consistent SaaS blog.
  • Website copy: Create landing pages and other content that help people understand your business and how you can help them.
  • Case studies: Demonstrate authority and expertise with social proof, so consumers see your SaaS solution in action.
  • Ebooks: Create valuable, gated, educational content that positions your business as a leader in its niche so you can build your email list.
  • Product and service pages: Build pages devoted specifically to a product, service, or feature to provide a powerful opportunity for selling.
  • Product guides: Help users get the most from your products and keep them coming back for more by offering self-serve support guides.
  • Software comparisons: Bolster conversions through buying guides and software comparison articles to help consumers make educated decisions and position your solution as the right choice.
  • Content refreshes: Take old content on your blog or website and make it new again by repurposing what worked before and adding new, relevant information.
  • Newsletters: Grow and maintain your community and connect with people who have demonstrated interest in your products.

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SaaS Content Writing Services FAQs

Your content requirements depend on your business goals and the needs of your target audience. Most SaaS businesses can benefit from content such as blog posts, website copy, landing pages, and product guides. For more information about what content might help you reach your business goals.

SaaS copywriting can help your business by:

  • Increasing page performance in the search engines, ensuring you show up for people who are looking for products related to your business
  • Converting people into customers or clients, supporting a constant flow of signups or sales
  • Building brand awareness and trust so that people are more likely to turn to your business first when they have a relevant need

This answer depends on the needs of your business. If you have a few pieces of content and very specific style and voice requirements, hiring a single freelancer might be the right choice. You can find the right freelancer in Crowd Content’s self-serve marketplace. If you want to scale larger projects or benefit from more comprehensive SEO and content creation services, check out Crowd Content’s managed content services.