Finish with a Bang

Finish with a Bang

Your conclusion is likely the last section that you write (although you can, of course, write it whenever you want).

You’re probably feeling accomplished, excited, and relieved. You’re almost done!

But wait.

The conclusion is an essential section of your ebook, and you don’t want to short change it.

Take a deep breath and follow these steps.

1. Recap

You should have covered all the ideas in your outline, so recap them now. Your readers might not have read your whole ebook, or they might have forgotten some of your points, so remind them here.

2. Persuade

Conclusions that simply summarize are boring. While a brief summary is helpful, you have to assume that your readers have read most of your ebook. Now they’re looking for more. Persuade your readers about the importance of your arguments.

Why does it matter that they’ve read your ebook?

The most persuasive arguments aren’t extreme. Your ebook probably isn’t the most life-changing book your readers have ever read, so don’t claim that it is.

3. Call

Your persuasive conclusion leads to your call to action. Your readers are done reading, but you don’t want them to go away, so you need to tell them the next step.

Are they supposed to visit your client’s website? Start their own blog? Send you feedback? State your call to action clearly so that no one can mistake what you want them to do.

Also be sure that you only have one call to action. Multiple calls are overwhelming, so you risk having your readers do nothing. And never ever ever forget to write a call to action. If there’s one thing that your ebook must have, it’s call.


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