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What Are Product Descriptions?

A product description is written content that explains the key features of a product and helps customers make a purchasing decision. The most effective product descriptions highlight how an item offers a solution or enhances a customer’s life, generating desire or excitement for a product.

Create a product page with an engaging product description, high-resolution images and a call to action, such as a “buy” button. This page gives customers a place to evaluate a product and make a transaction.

  • 1. Understand Your Target Audience
    Before tackling your product descriptions, think about the target market for the product. Many marketers create buyer personas to more easily understand their customers’ preferences and needs. This helps you shape copy that appeals to your demographic.
  • 2. Highlight Features and Benefits
    Consider what a customer needs to know when using the product, and highlight these attributes. Where possible, consider why the feature is important and tie it to a benefit to create value. For example, instead of simply mentioning a chair is made of faux leather, note that it is easy to clean and offers a luxurious look at an affordable price.
    Consumers also need basic details about materials, ingredients, size, weight, compatibility, assembly details, package dimensions and delivery information. Some of this information may be clunky to incorporate in written copy and can be grouped in a bulleted list.
  • 3. Be Unique
    Manufacturers often provide product information for retailers to use. While copying the details directly onto your website can save time, consider that other sellers are likely doing the same thing. It’s worth the effort to customize product descriptions for customers and ensure your listing stands out in the SERP.
  • 4. Incorporate SEO Product Keywords
    Using keywords in your product description helps search engines match your page to relevant queries. Perform keyword research to see the search terms your target audience is using to find products and decide which ones you want to target. You might find, for example, that it’s hard to rank for a broad search term such as “backpack,” but that there’s less competition for “backpack with laptop compartment.”
    Take care not to force keywords where they don’t fit naturally, and avoid stuffing keywords into the copy in an attempt to rank better. Product descriptions aren’t very long, and in most cases, you only need to place a primary keyword in the product name and once in the body. You can add a secondary keyword if it fits naturally into the copy.
  • 5. Write for Users, Not for Google
    While you need keywords to boost your search visibility, focus on the people reading the copy. Write in a way that appeals to human readers and compels them to explore the product further. Use an active voice and lively prose, and deliver information clearly and concisely.
    Readers should be able to scan a product description and quickly determine if the item suits their needs. In the early stages of discovery, for example, users likely won’t invest time in long, detailed descriptions or dense spec sheets, according to Baymard Institute.
    The ideal product description length depends on the product and how much detail customers need. For simple items like felt markers or socks, a short product description usually does the trick. Products with more features can be described in a short paragraph of copy with bullet points for clarity. For complex products, consider grouping bullet points with headers so readers can effortlessly zero in on relevant details.
  • 6. Include a Meta Title and Description
    When customers are looking for a product, they scan the list of search engine results to decide which pages to visit. To attract traffic and boost click-throughs, create persuasive meta titles and descriptions for each of your product pages. This metadata doesn’t appear directly on the product page but is placed in the HTML code. Search engines pull this data to populate the information in the search results.
    A meta description is typically 150-160 characters long. Aim to stay within this limit so that the snippet isn’t cut off in the SERP.
  • 7. Capture the Right Tone
    Tone of voice refers to your writing style and how your message comes across. When you match the tone of a product description to your target audience, you can better connect with customers and create the feeling that you’re speaking directly to them.
    Many businesses use an approachable, conversational tone as if chatting with a friend, but some employ a distinctive brand voice. Depending on your target demographic, you might take a funny, irreverent, playful or formal approach in your product description writing.
  • 8. Tell a Story
    Skilled product description writers can paint a picture of how an item fits into the reader’s life. Use the product description to help readers visualize themselves using the product and give it personality. A rocking chair isn’t just a seat — it’s a place to cuddle a newborn in the middle of the night. A fire pit brings warmth to late-night patio gatherings with friends. A new pair of hiking boots is the beginning of an outdoor adventure.
  • 9. Provide Social Proof
    Many online shoppers use customer reviews and ratings to help with their decision-making. Consider adding reviews to your product page to supplement information in the product descriptions and make your customers more comfortable with their purchase. Spiegel Research Center found that shoppers are 270% more likely to buy a product with five reviews compared to one with no reviews. Conversions of lower-priced products increased by 190% and higher-priced products by 380%. Even negative reviews can help by giving your site credibility. Research has found that some users disregard negative reviews if they refer to a feature that’s not important to them.
    In addition to placing reviews on product pages, you can use structured data to add social proof to your snippets in the SERP. This helps spotlight your product as high quality and encourages click-throughs.
  • 10. Use Sensory Words
    Product descriptions should provide basic facts, but there’s room for creativity in presenting the information. Baymard Institute’s usability test found that product descriptions can often be bland and boring, resulting in some users spending less time on a product page even if the product was suitable.
    Remember, digital shoppers can’t touch or hold a product before purchasing, so you have to use descriptive words to generate enthusiasm and emotion. Keep readers interested by using sensory words to help them imagine the product. Vibrant words like rich, plush, silky, sleek, smooth, velvety, crisp and bubbly can make a product seem less one-dimensional and pique a reader’s curiosity.
    SEO-friendly product descriptions can help lift your website in search engine results, drive traffic to your online store and motivate customers to make a purchase. Whether you’re handling product description writing in-house or complementing your team with skilled freelance writers, use these tips to help reach your business goals.

Unique Product Descriptions on Demand

Creating exceptional product page copy that connects with your ideal buyer persona and puts the spotlight on your products by highlighting key features and adding some excitement into the mix is challenging. Harder still is doing that while maintaining your brand identity and speaking in the correct tone of voice.

Our skilled writers are experts at writing this kind of copy, and will deliver content that builds a connection and boosts conversion rates.

It’s well known now that Google will penalize your site if you are using the same product descriptions as the manufacturer. In other words, Google will not place your site on the first page of the search results if you have this duplicate content.

Use our crowd of writers to easily re-write thousands of manufacturer descriptions into high-quality, unique product descriptions that Google will notice. Your website will benefit quickly from increased search traffic. Even better, this spike in traffic will last for months or even years to come.

Delivering a complete and fulfilling experience to your customer can get them talking about your store. That’s why every product counts. Look at all your products as an opportunity to build out the story of your brand. If you do this well, customers may just tell their friends – in person and on social media.

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Why It's Important to Write Strong Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are important for SEO and marketing purposes. They help drive traffic to your site and motivate customers to purchase.

Product Descriptions Improve Search Visibility

Almost half of shoppers turn to Google when looking for a new item or product, making it essential that your website is prominent in search engine results. An SEO-friendly product description helps potential customers find the product page when entering search terms into Google.

You can improve your chances of landing at the top of search engine result pages (SERP) by using keywords in the product description. Search bots use these keywords to index the page and match the content to appropriate search queries. Use image alt-text and descriptive page URLs to further optimize the page for search engines.

Product Descriptions Encourage Purchases

Unlike customers shopping in a store, online consumers can’t physically touch or examine a product before pulling out their wallets. They rely on product pages to make up their mind about their purchases. An effective product description gives consumers the details they need to make an informed choice, leaving them with a positive impression of the product and confidence to make a purchase.

According to a product description study by Baymard Institute, users who don’t find enough product information often abandon a page or site entirely. It’s important to make product descriptions as informative as possible, as hardly any users use an online chat feature or reach out to customer service for clarification.

High-Quality Product Descriptions - What Does That Mean?

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Brand Identity

Our writers learn about your brand voice and style guide so your product pages are delivered on-brand and with the right tone of voice.

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There's nothing worse than reading a product description that's just a wall of text. We write copy with a range of elements including bullet points, short and long descriptions, product specs, and instructions.

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Strong Calls to Action

Good product descriptions go beyond just describing the product and ask shoppers to buy. Our copywriters will build strong calls to action into your sales copy, resulting in more conversions for you.

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Highlight Key Features

You can tell when product descriptions are written by writers who don't understand the products. Our writers take the time to understand each product so they can properly highlight just how great the product is. This delivers a better user experience and boosts conversion rates.

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With over 6,000 writers on our roster, we’re confident we can match you with a writer that will understand your market and customers well.

If you want product descriptions that are going to drive conversions and help your SEO, you need to hire an experienced product description writer. Our platform makes it easy for you to hire any number of writers to craft top-notch unique product descriptions at scale. Just provide your product details, product features, and product specification when you order and a skilled writer will deliver the product copy you’ll love.

You can, but chances are multiple other sites are using the same content. That means you’ll get no SEO value from them, and you also won’t be able to add your brand’s voice to them. To write a good SEO product description that ranks and gets you sales, your best bet is to have a professional product description writer craft unique copy that speaks to your product details, includes relevant keywords, and compels your target customer to buy from you.

Yes! Our writers have experience writing copy for every marketplace, including Amazon. They understand Amazon SEO and can help your products perform well. Once you’ve set up your account you can search for an Amazon product description writer that’s perfect for your brand.

You just need to the Crowd Content app in your Shopify store and you’ll be able to access your entire catalog in your Crowd Content account. Then, you can order fresh product copies for any SKUs you choose, and instantly publish them once they’re ready.

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