Natural Keyword Integration

Natural Keyword Integration

You’ve got a list of keywords that your client wants you to include in your writing. Now what do you do? You should definitely follow your client’s directions, but you also must focus on writing well, not on randomly throwing keywords into your text.

Search engines are more interested in meaningful content than keywords. Keywords are still important — they make it clear what your content is about — but you should never sacrifice quality for keywords.

It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation, though; you can have great content as well as relevant keywords. Let’s see how!

All Natural

Making your keywords fit seamlessly into your writing is your number one keyword-related goal. No matter how relevant your content is, no one wants to read it if it’s clunky and forced around keywords.

You might need to rearrange keyword phrases so that they flow with your writing, or you might have to save a keyword for a different sentence if it doesn’t fit.

Never force keywords.

Forced: If you want a great tattoo, come to the best tattoo parlor Vancouver.

Improved: If you want a great tattoo, come to the best tattoo parlor in Vancouver.

This sentence was easy to improved; I just added the stop word “in”. While I broke up the keyword “best tattoo parlour Vancouver”, the sentence now makes grammatical sense, and algorithms won’t even notice the “in”.

Forced: Our free internet radio with no downloads plays everything from classical to country, blues to Bhangra.

Improved: Our free internet radio plays everything from classical to country, blues to Bhangra. Plus, we have no downloads.

Here I broke up the keyword phrase some more. Writing “free internet radio with no downloads” screams, “Here’s my keyword!” Breaking that phrase up makes the sentence sound natural.


If your client has given you a keyword density that he wants, you should definitely follow that request. If there’s no specified density, don’t worry.

Keyword density is unimportant for today’s algorithms. As long as you mention your keywords once or twice, you’re good to go.

Just make sure that you don’t overuse keywords since search engines penalize keyword stuffing.

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