Stick to the Facts

Stick to the Facts

If you’re like me, you don’t like being lied to. Keeping that in mind, let’s see how to write product descriptions without being dishonest.

Provide Precise Details

You want to share what makes your product unique and great. Generalities certainly won’t help with that!

Bad: This mug is large, red, and lightweight.

Better: This mug is 0.3L (10.1 fl oz), a cheery scarlet-red, and 10% lighter than other porcelain mugs.

The more precise you are about  your details, the more likely your customers are to be happy with what they bought, since the product matches the description.

Being specific also makes your product stand out. Rather than saying that your product is “excellent”, show why it’s excellent.

Support Claims About Quality

Let’s face it — not every product can be the best, most amazing, most advanced, coolest thing that your customers have ever bought. Throwing superlatives into your product description isn’t going to convince your buyers. Rather, you need to describe what makes your product great (especially in terms of benefits) and back up your claims with evidence.

Bad: This is the best mug! No other mug retains the heat so well while also being microwavable.

Better: This porcelain mug keeps drinks toasty and provides just the right temperature balance to keep your hands warm without being hot to the touch. Plus, it’s microwavable. Do you want some hot chocolate?

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