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How it Works

  1. Place orders with our simple interface. Our one-page order form asks you a few simple, essential questions about your content requirements. You can easily specify voice, tone, keywords, and other important guidelines.
  2. Qualified writers create your content. A qualified writer will claim your order and write your content based on your guidelines. Use instant chat or request revisions to ensure the content perfectly matches your requirements.
  3. Engage your audience and increase search traffic. Publish amazing content that engages your target audience. Word of mouth, social shares, and organic search traffic together grow your customer base. It’s that easy!

Create Local SEO Landing Pages That Drive Results

A successful location landing page doesn’t just shove location names into templated text and title tags. Search engines value unique content and penalize duplicate content, even if you’re just copying from your own site. Our city pages are all 100% unique and present unique, local information to your local customers.

Content that supports a good user experience drives repeat traffic and higher time spent on your web pages. This type of content is built on engaging writing that draws in your potential customer and makes them want to learn more about your service. Our writers take time to ensure your content is engaging and error-free.

Local customers can easily recognize content written by people who don’t know their area or didn’t do the research, and that makes your company sound disingenuous (which undercuts trust).

Our writers take care to properly research every physical location to ensure your city pages offer information that’s both locally relevant and accurate.

Whether you’re a multi-location business with a specific location in each area, or you just offer services to multiple areas and want to capture local search engine traffic, our writers can create relevant content that matches local intent for multiple cities.

What Types of Local Landing Pages Do We Write?

An icon of a globe with two gps markers on it depicting that Crowd Content crafts compelling pages for every state you operate.

State Pages

Many companies need to present visitors with important information about their services in a given state, and want to rank for high-volume local search terms. Our writers can combine your business’ info with well-researched state info to craft compelling pages for every state you operate.

An icon of a cityscape of four tall buildings depicting that we create detailed city pages that provide useful and specific info.

City Pages

By far the most popular type of local landing page, companies use these to rank for local search traffic, especially when faced with not having a Google My Business listing for their service in a city. We create detailed city landing pages that use a variety of sources to provide useful and specific info that help you show up in the local results for your service area.

An icon of houses forming a neighbourhood depicting that our writers can write relevant content for you even at this granular level.

Neighbourhood Pages

In some cases, businesses find enough local search traffic and customer interest that they need to create pages for specific neighbourhoods. While challenging, our experienced writers are able to use their research skills to deliver engaging content at even this most granular level.

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Great Location Pages Are Critical To Local SEO

A location page helps you rank for keywords and target people who are searching either from your location or for services in your location. While the local pack is really important for local SEO, for many businesses the organic search results outside the local pack are even more important.

But local SEO isn’t just crucial for success in Google or other search engines. Consumers today approach topics and products in various ways, including research on mobile devices and social media, and local SEO city pages are critical to page success no matter where your traffic is coming from.


Location Pages Help Visitors Learn About Your Business

While the SEO benefits of location pages are clear, they’re also valuable intrinsically as they let your visitors browse and discover the unique services you offer in every location. All pages should be internally linked to other pages on your site and a part of your navigation to help visitors find the right local business offering.

How can you ensure local SEO city pages that perform?

Rely on professional marketing writers who have years of experience crafting local-set landing pages. At Crowd Content, our team of thousands of freelancers can deliver high-quality location pages no matter the scale of your project.

Need ten pages to cover every service area for your small business? Need thousands of pages within a few months to ramp up multiple location SEO efforts for all your divisions?

Neither project presents a problem: our customizable solutions let you get local SEO landing pages that boost your local ranking and engage your users to support sales conversions. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to place, review and export orders, and customer service is always available to assist.

If you’re looking to scale up and don’t have time to manage the day-to-day process of your multi-location SEO project, we offer managed services, premium and managed content solutions to meet all types of business needs.

What Benefits Do You Get By Partnering With Crowd Content To Create Your Location Pages?

An icon of an award depicting that we only accept the highest quality eBook writers on our platform.

Quality Guarantee

We allow time for you to review every order and request revisions if necessary. Our customer success representatives work with you to help you find the right writers for each job and build a team you can rely on.

An Icon of multiple web-pages with a plus sign at the bottom depicting that we can scale with your larger projects.


With thousands of Marketplace writers well-versed in location research, we fully support large projects for chains and franchises. Dive in with lots of locations at once or scale up and you can receive content in as little as 24 hours.

Icon of a city page being written depicting that our experienced writers will put in the research to create relevant local content.

Experienced Research

Ask for writers who are familiar with the location, or rely on freelancers with excellent research skills. Either way, you can get local references and data in your content so it reads naturally to potential customers in your area, which lets you build enhanced engagement and trust.

An icon of a trolley carrying two boxes depicting that we provide versatile delivery options.

Versatile Delivery

Our platform supports a variety of delivery formats, including Excel and CSV downloads, direct-to-WordPress exports and Word documents. We can also offer API publishing for larger projects.

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

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Crowd Content continues to surpass our expectations and always provides high quality content in a timely manner.

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Want to Learn More About City Pages?

Check out our ebook on creating high-quality city pages that rank well in Google local search results and engage visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Local Page Writing Services

Creating any sort of geo-targeted landing page that reads well to local customers, performs well in search results, and drives conversions is challenging. Our process ensures that your content does all these things.

We have a roster of skilled writers familiar with location pages SEO projects and understand how to start with a local keyword that shows local intent and then research thoroughly how they can create a comprehensive page that readers find useful.

We’re also experts at identifying the best data sources to turn to for your pages which lets us create large volumes of content all with unique, local info.

Yes, we’ve written pretty much every type of location page you can think of. Whether you need a neighborhood page, city page, state page, country page, or any other page – we’ve got you covered.

Yep. Some of our larger clients produce hundreds of location pages each month and our team is set up to support you as you scale.

If required, we can also have your writing team include a meta description and title tag for all your location pages in line with your local SEO requirements.

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