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Why You Need Blog Content for Your Website

Do you even need a blog for your website? It depends—how much do you like web traffic? According to Tech Jury, you can boost traffic on your pages by a whopping 434% by adding a high-quality blog. And since more than 75% of internet users do read blogs posts, adding one on your site provides additional benefits such as:

  • Establishing your authority. High-quality, expert-level blogs that position you as a thought leader in your industry increase your authority in the eyes of consumers and search engines. That helps you convert page visitors into leads and, eventually, customers. It also helps you show up higher in search engine page results. 
  • Increasing your exposure to potential customers. Search engines aren’t the only place consumers find brands and products. Many start with social media or recommendations from other online publishers they trust. Interesting, engaging and helpful blog posts increase the likelihood that people will share your content on social media or link to it from their own site.                                                                                               
  • Supporting your sales funnel. Consistently posting quality blog posts that support searcher intent helps you shepherd people through the sales funnel. They may land on one blog post, but your excellent content and internal linking strategy eventually pulls them toward a call to action such as reaching out, making an appointment or purchasing a product. 

Build a Powerful Blog

Plan your entire content calendar with Campaigns and watch as your blog post orders are automatically placed and written based on the schedule you’ve created.

Easily favourite writers you love to build a content writing team for your blog. Our blog writers are experts at following brand guidelines and maintaining a consistent voice.

As your audience grows, quickly hire more writers and add new content types. Set separate content creation schedules for Blog Posts, Tweets, Facebook Posts, or other content types.

Why Buy Content For Your Blog?

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Having multiple contributors on your blog adds additional perspectives that can enrich your blog. Plus, having a number of contributors can give your blog a grander feel.

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Add Expertise

Some topics require really specific knowledge or experience to write. With Crowd Content's huge roster of professional bloggers for hire, you can find writers with just the right expertise to craft authority content for you.

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Reduce Costs

Writing a blog post can easily take several hours of an employee's time. With Crowd Content, you get quality content at controlled prices.

6,000+ Talented Writers Are Waiting for You!

How Our Blog Writing Content Service Makes Your Blog More Powerful

Great blog content is the lifeblood of content marketing. Publishing posts from our expert writers can breathe new life into your programs.

  • Scale

    With hundreds of writers available to meet your needs—including writing excellent blog copy on tight deadlines—you can grow a company blog quickly or even supply multiple sites with blog content. 

  • Diversification

    Having multiple contributors on your blog adds additional perspectives that can enrich your blog and give it a grander feel. 

  • Expertise

    Some topics require specific knowledge or experience to write. With Crowd Content’s huge roster of SEO blog content writers, you can find freelancers with the right expertise to craft authoritative content for you. 

  • Lower Costs

    According to HubSpot data, a 500-word blog post takes in-house content writers 1 to 2 hours to complete. With SEO demands increasing desired word counts on some pages to 2,000+, that’s 8 or more hours of labor even before editing and publishing a blog. Many businesses find it’s much more cost-effective to work with blog writing companies and hire out content creation.

  • SEO-Friendly Writing

    Our SEO blog writing services ensure your blog content is optimized according to the latest best practices for better performance in search engines. 

Other Benefits of Working With Experienced SEO Blog Content Writers

Great blog content is the lifeblood of content marketing. Publishing posts from our expert writers can breathe new life into your programs.

Fuel Your Social Media Strategy

Your blog should be the center of your social media marketing strategy. The content you publish to your blog acts as social media fuel. Your audience grabs onto it and shares it through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.
When your blog performs well via social media, there are more eyes on your brand and more engaged traffic on your website. Buy a blog article individually when you need to fill holes in your editorial schedule, or set an automatic blog schedule to power your entire blog from week to week. Our blog writing services make it easy to get as much or as little content as you need.

Achieve Thought-Leader Status

Converting visitors into buyers happens when customers trust your brand. By maintaining an active blog with vibrant discussions around industry topics, you can influence how the market perceives you. As your reputation grows, your target audience starts to see you as a thought leader in the industry.
When they have questions or need industry-related information, they come back to your website and browse your blog posts. Our blog content writing services help you publish engaging content that draws visitors to your site and converts them to customers. 

Increase Positive Behavioral Metrics

Studies show that higher-quality content leads to more page views and more time spent on site per visitor. It also increases repeat visitors because readers have a reason to come back and check out updated content. These positive behavioral metrics are good for SEO as well as conversions. Our blog writing services are structured to create content that support these types of metrics.

Publish Great Content to Your Blog to Become a Thought Leader and Boost SEO

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We only accept the best writers on our platform which means you get content from the cream of the crop.

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Guaranteed Unique

We verify that all content is 100% unique before it's delivered to you.

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Added Polish

By adding copy-editing to your content orders, you get an extra set of eyes on your content that can make it truly exceptional.

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SEO Friendly

Our writers are experienced SEO writers and will create blog content that solves your searcher's intent, pleasing any search engine at the same time. Plus, you can enter detailed SEO instructions we ensure are followed.

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

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Crowd Content continues to surpass our expectations and always provides high quality content in a timely manner.

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FAQs About Our Blog Writing Service

You can search our database of freelance blog writers by quality level and tags that highlight areas of expertise. You can also reach out to a customer success manager or account manager for help finding the right freelancers for your niche.


With over 6,000 writers covering almost every niche imaginable, our content writing service has experts in almost any field. We even have professionals including experts in the medical, legal and engineering fields.

Our writers are professionals and can deliver top-notch quality at affordable rates. In most cases, the time we can save a digital marketer from writing their own posts is worth substantially more than the cost of our posts.

Yes, as soon as you complete payment on your content all intellectual rights transfer to you.

Definitely; our main goal is to provide you with SEO Content that delivers results. When you submit your order we’ll ask you for the keywords you want to target, along with any other SEO instructions you have. Our writers will take time to understand the keywords, the searcher intent behind them, and craft you a post that solves that intent.

Yes, with our WordPress integration you can link any number of sites to your Crowd Content account. Then, each time you order a post you can instantly publish it to your WordPress site with just a couple clicks.

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