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Feature Friday: How to Order Content in Multiple Languages

Does your target audience speak Spanish? French? Today Scott explains how you can order content in multiple languages. We’ve had a lot of companies come to us recently requesting original quality content in multiple languages. This video shows how you can get just that.

Feature Friday: How to Add Attachments to Your Order

Today, Scott explains how you can quickly and easily upload an attachment to your order form. It is common for a company to upload style guides and any other relevant information that will help the writer. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

Feature Friday: How to Order Unique Meta Descriptions and Titles

Metadata, metadata. It can be a pain to come up with titles and descriptions that meet the proper character count for meta descriptions and titles. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to get metadata for your content. Our writers have you covered! Having properly formatted meta titles and meta descriptions are essential to looking […]

Feature Friday: The Benefits of the Crowd Content Referral Program

We’re excited to announce that the Crowd Content referral program has been a huge success so far! We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to get involved. Here’s the quick facts about our referral program: We’ve seen clients make over $700 from referring their network to our network of writers. […]

Feature Friday: How to Use Easy Billing

We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier. Today, we introduced easy billing to help with just that. Easy billing is a great feature for anyone who is ordering content regularly, or has a content campaign scheduled in advance. You can customize your automated settings. For example, every time your account balance gets […]

Feature Friday: How to Check Your Notifications

Today, I’ll demonstrate how your notification center gives you a bird’s-eye view of what is happening in your account. This feature is really handy if you have lots of content being processed through your account. You can easily see the status of your content the, and when a writer has sent you a message about […]

Feature Friday: How to Get the Best Writer for Your Content

Today on Feature Friday, Curtis explains a couple of the new features that you will see on your content order form. These fields are hepling us streamline how we match your order to the most qualified writers. If you have any questions about this, or any other feature, contact your account manager today!

Feature Friday: How to Start Your Content Campaign

Today, Scott explains how you can get exclusive access to Campaigns. Campaigns is an excellent tool for the savvy online marketer. It allows you to schedule your blog posts, tweets, facebook posts, and really any content, all at once in one place. Contact your account manager if you would like to have the feature enabled in […]

Feature Friday: How to Find Crowd Content Tutorials

Today’s Feature Friday is a bit of a funny one. We’re featuring our Feature Friday’s. Why does this help you? Do you have questions about how something works within your Crowd Content account? Our Youtubbe channel is where you will find the answer. Don’t feel like watching a quick tutorial video? No worries. You can […]

Feature Friday: How to Find Yourself the Perfect Writer

We’re so excited to announce a new writer search feature! Our writers have been busy creating high quality content for you for a while now. Over this time, they have gained some serious knowledge in all sorts of different industries. Now, you can easily find a content writer for your website who specializes in your industry […]

Feature Friday: How to Manage Your Content Folders

Do you like to keep your content organized? This week’s feature showcases how you can easily delete and rename your content folders. Additionally, Curtis demonstrates how you can drag content from one folder into another. This is a great feature for content marketers with high volume of content, and for e-tailers who like to keep their product […]

Feature Friday: How to Export Content in HTML

Are you the webmaster for your site? Today, Curtis demonstrates how you can export your content in HTML format. Once your writer has completed your content, you have a ton of options for exporting. Today, we’re focusing on full HTML export. If you have any questions about this feature, do not hesitate to contact your […]

Feature Friday: How to Make an Offer

Happy New Year! Today, Scott explains how you can make an offer to your writer. This feature enables you to make an offer for a lower price to your writer. It is typically used when you have worked with a writer in the past and would like to place another, very large, order with them. […]

Feature Friday: How to Streamline Your Social Media Content

Feature Friday this week demonstrates how you can quickly and easily have content created for, and distributed to, your social media channels. From within your Crowd Content account, you can easily have your writers create Facebook and Twitter posts for your company. Once the social media content is completed by your writer, you can distribute across any […]

Feature Friday: How to Change Your Account Settings

Today, Scott explains how easy it is to set a low funds notification, and change other areas of your profile and account information. If you have changed your address, you can easily update your account information under the Edit Account Info tab. Are you one of those people who likes to change their passwords every […]

Feature Friday: How to Create and Manage Writer Teams

It’s that time of year where we’re all organizing our 2015 content strategies. With that in mind, Curtis gives us a quick demonstration of how you can create a team of writers who specializes in writing about your industry. If you are new to Crowd Content, you can cruise through writer profiles and choose a writer […]

Feature Friday: Mark Your Content as Published

Today on Feature Friday, Matt, shows off the latest feature available to Crowd Content clients- the mark as published option. Once your content has been written and is completed by your writer(s), the next step is to export and publish your content to your site. At that point, your content is published. If you custom […]

Feature Friday: How to Message Your Writer

Today on Feature Friday, Jovita demonstrates how you are able to communicate with your writer. The first step is to click on the order your writer is working on. In the bottom right hand corner of your screen, you will see a box that says ‘Message Your Writer’, click on that. You are now in […]

Feature Friday: How to Connect WordPress to Your Account

Today, Steve, demonstrates how you can hook up your WordPress account with your Crowd Content account. Once you are in the app directory in your Crowd Content account, scroll down to WordPress and click Install App. From there, you will be prompted to fill in your WordPress information. Once you have filled out this information, […]

Feature Friday: Getting SEO Metadata with Your Content

Happy Halloween and happy Friday! Today, Matt demonstrates how to order SEO metadata with your content. We’ve made it easy for you and your writer to work together to get the metadata you need for your SEO strategy. From within the advanced order option area in the content order form, you will want to click ‘yes’ […]

Feature Friday: How to Retrieve Your Transaction History

Happy Friday! This week, Curtis demonstrates how you can retrieve your transaction history from within your Crowd Content account. Whether you’re an accounting guru or a business owner keeping your financial records, we’ve made it easy for you to retrieve your transaction history. You have the ability to sort by debits (orders), credits (deposits), or […]

Feature Friday: Advanced Order Options

Happy Friday! Today Scott explains how amazing instructions for your content writer can result in amazing content. When you order content for your blog, web copy, or wheatever it may be, it’s important to remember that writers do not double as mind readers. We have created an advanced order options area where you have the ability to […]

Feature Friday: Managing Your Content Tab

So much content, so little time! This week on Feature Friday, Clayton, explains how you can filter and organize your content from the Content tab in your account. You have the ability to filter by content type, content quality, writer, or, by rating. It is also easy to search by date range.  For example, if you want […]

Feature Friday: How to Order Product Descriptions in Bulk Quantities

With e-tailers prepping their content for the coming holidays, we thought we would do a Feature Friday on how to get bulk quantities of product description written from high quality writers. We call this feature the bulk CSV upload tool. It allows you to uploaded huge quantities of SKUs that you received from the product […]

Feature Friday: How to Order Facebook Posts

TGIF! Today on Feature Friday, Curtis demonstrates how to order Facebook posts for your company page. Our qualified writers can create creative and engaging Facebook posts that are unique to your business and industry. You have the ability to provide basic or detailed instructions for your writer. Additionally, to give your writer an idea of what you […]

Feature Friday: Product Descriptions For Your Shopify Store

The weekend is almost here! That means it’s time for Feature Friday. Today, Scott demonstrates how to use the Crowd Content Shopify app. It’s super easy to use! To install the Shopify app, all you need to do is go to the app directory from within your Crowd Content account. From there, click ‘install’ on the […]

Feature Friday: Different Ways to Export Your Content | Part 2

We're dedicated to making your content creation experience as easy as possible. Today on Feature Friday, Curtis explains how easy it is to export large quantities of content from your Crowd Content account. Last week on Feature Friday, we showcased the apps and tools you can use to export your freshly written content. This week […]

Feature Friday: Different Ways to Export Your Content | Part 1

Happy Friday! This week Curtis reveals the many ways you can export your content from within your Crowd Content account. You have a number of different options to choose from. Copy HTML – Content formatted in HTML. This is a great tool if you are placing your content on your website. Copy Text – This tool […]

Feature Friday: How to Search and View Writer Profiles

We are so proud of our writers! They have been working hard writing fresh and relevant content for all areas of the internet. It’s about time we show off their skills! We have created amazing profiles for each and every one of our writers. These profiles showcase their areas of expertise and keep their performance stats updated […]

Feature Friday: Product Descriptions For Your Bigcommerce Store

Today's feature video explains how to order product descriptions for your Bigcommerce store. The first step is to integrate your Bigcommerce store with Crowd Content. Now, anytime you place an order for product descriptions, the order form will automatically load the inventory from your Bigcommerce store.  You can easily pick and choose which product descriptions you would like […]

Feature Friday: Crowd Content Referral Program

Crowd Content is excited to announce our first ever refferal program! Once you are in the referral tab, you will have access to a unique link. You can share this link on your social media, website, or via email with your friends.  You can track your referrals in the My Referrals tab from within your […]

Feature Friday: How to Connect Your Bigcommerce Store

Today, Curtis walks us through how to connect the Crowd Content app to your Bigcommerce store. When you are at your dashboard in your Bigcommerce account, there is an apps icon in the top left corner. After clicking on that icon, a list of apps will appear. Once you find the crowd content app, click install. You’re […]

Feature Friday: How to Review and Rate Your Content

Feature Friday this week is hosted by our CTO, Matt Martin. He demonstrates how you have the ability to review, rate, and request revisions on your content. Once a writer completes your content, they submit it to you for review. After reading it over, you have couple of options. If you are happy with your content, […]

Feature Friday: How to Use Team and Direct Orders

This week on Feature Friday, Scott, Account Manager, demonstrates how you can use open, team, and direct orders. Open orders allow you to send your content order out to all qualified writers. For example, if you placed an open order for three star quality content, your order can be picked up by any three or four star writer on […]

Feature Friday: How to Order Tweets | Part 2 of 2

This week is the second part to a two part Feature Friday series. Steve, developer, demonstrates how easy it is to integrate your Crowd Content social content orders into your Hootsuite dashboard. Hootsuite is a leading social media dashboard that allows you to quickly and easily upload, distribute, and manage you social media content. The […]

Feature Friday: How to Order Tweets | Part 1 of 2

Tweets are a great way to get exposure for your brand. You have the abilitiy to efficiently and effectively reach a large audience. This week on Feature Friday, I demonstrate how easy it is to order a batch of tweets in your Crowd Content account. To start, simply enter the hashtags you would like your writer […]

Feature Friday: How to Incorporate Keywords Into Your Content Creation

This week on Feature Friday, Curtis Machek, Developer, demonstrates how you can add keyword preferences to your content orders. It’s a really intuitive feature. As a customer, you can choose the keywords you want used throughout your content, and add them to your order.  Once your writer starts creating your content, there is a real time count […]