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If you can create high-quality, informative white papers on topics readers crave information about, you can build valuable customer trust and position your company as a thought leader. Nearly 7 out of 10 of the most successful content marketers use white papers in their marketing strategies, according to Content Marketing Institute’s 2022 B2B Content Marketing Report.

White papers provide in-depth knowledge of a topic, showcasing your expertise and establishing your credibility. Some companies use white papers to capture leads, exchanging a download for contact information that can be used to market to and convert customers down the road.

How Our White Paper Writing Services Can Help

Effective white papers offer readers knowledge they can apply to their own situations and are typically: 

  • Filled with solid research and analysis
  • Formal and professional in tone
  • Informative but accessible
  • Structured with a title page, table of contents, executive summary, conclusion and references

This type of long-form content can be difficult to execute. Our white paper agency produces impactful content based on your requirements, ensuring the resources you invest in this marketing tool pay off for your business.

Let’s explore some of the challenges of creating white papers and how our white paper services can help.

White Papers that Build Authority

Demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership by publishing white papers that cover important topics in your industry. Potential customers will start looking at you as an authority in your space. Not only does this build credibility and trust, but it also keeps them coming back to your website to learn more.

Offering white papers to your visitors can generate residual traffic and benefits, allowing you to continue marketing to your audience. Our white paper writers can keep your visitors engaged and hanging around until they are ready to purchase.

A quality white paper attracts traffic to your website. In exchange for a free white paper download, ask readers for their email addresses. The result is a list of targeted leads that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Let our white paper writers create a marketing asset for your company that will last for years to come.

Providing white papers to your target audience is one of the best tools B2B marketers have at their disposal. They’re not just great for lead generation – they also help B2B buyers see how your brand approaches the challenge your white paper covers. That makes them much more likely to do business with you.

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The challenge: The length of a white paper depends on a topic’s complexity but is usually at least a few thousand words. Documents with a lot of ideas and details can become confusing and stray off topic.

How we help: Our white paper writing services employ a talented pool of writers who know how to harness ideas. They organize information in a logical and coherent way so readers are guided effortlessly from idea to idea. Our writers also have a knack for conveying statistics, technical information and complex ideas in a powerful way. Make sure your message is clear and compelling no matter how detailed the topic is.

Image showing connecting with readers Connecting With Readers

The challenge: White papers need to resonate with the audience so they’ll read past the first page of the document.

How we help: When you outsource to our white paper writing services, you’re entrusting the process to experienced freelancers who can match tone and language to your target demographic. We work with white paper writers who shape content in a way that meets reader needs, so you can begin building trust and relationships with potential customers.

Image showing skill set Accessing a Diverse Skill Set

The challenge: Audiences turn to white papers for specialized knowledge and expect comprehensive, well-researched content. This requires a team skilled in researching, writing and editing long-form content. Some businesses may not have the in-house resources to devote to this task.

How we help: Our white paper writing services leverage the skills of freelancers in a variety of fields. You can build a team with experienced writers, editors and subject matter experts, who can execute finely tuned, professional copy when you need it.

Image showing time Using Time Efficiently

The challenge: In-depth white papers are onerous to research and write. It can be difficult to devote team resources to creating a detailed document when you have other marketing campaigns on the go.

How we help: Our professional white paper writers deliver high-quality content in a timely manner. You can scale your writing output and focus energies on distributing content and reaching your customers.

Creating an Effective White Paper

It’s critical to have exceptional content for your prospective customers at every stage of their buying journey. Different types of content are more useful at different stages of someone’s journey. White papers are great resources for prospects a little further along in their journey who need to get a lot more detailed info to inform their decision. With our industry expert white paper writers, you can be the source your prospects turn to in order to help them make their decision while at the same time educating them about your product or service.

Let’s walk through the steps for creating a powerful white paper, including topic development, research, writing and design.

1. Developing the Topic

As you brainstorm potential topics for a white paper, keep in mind that the goal is to appeal to readers with valuable insight or information. A white paper isn’t an overt sales platform for your business — it’s meant to deliver quality research or knowledge that establishes your company as a respected resource in the field.

Consider the customer you’re trying to reach and what they’re keen to know. Perhaps you can provide business intelligence with an analysis of industry trends, opportunities or challenges. You can discuss policy impacts or advances in technology or run surveys and give insight into what other businesses are doing.

2. Conducting Research

As you flesh out the topic, turn to industry journals, associations and other reliable sources for research. Make note of key points or interesting statistics, and provide your writers with research links they can use. Chat with topic experts for background, whether they work at your company or externally.

To make the writing process easier, put together an outline with headers and key points to address in each section. This keeps the white paper focused and on track and ensures you don’t forget important information.

3. Writing the White Paper

Aim to create a white paper that’s so useful readers will share it and refer to it time and again. Every piece of information should be purposeful. Trim away fluff and irrelevant ideas, and write concisely using compelling language.

Pull the reader in by laying out the stakes in an executive summary — why should they keep reading? Introduce the problem or provide contextual background, and delve section-by-section into more detail. Wrap up with a conclusion that summarizes key ideas and include a page of references or citations so readers can read further. Once the draft is finished, give the piece a descriptive title and add a table of contents.

It’s good practice to have as many people review the paper as possible to ensure it makes sense and is accurate. Remember to edit and proofread for grammar and typos.

4. Formatting the White Paper

Present the white paper in a visually appealing format that conveys a professional image. Work with a designer to create an attractive title page, and lay out the copy with plenty of white space so it’s easy to read. Consider using illustrations to convey complex concepts or call out important points in sidebars.

5. Reaching Your Audience

When the white paper is polished and ready for the public, create a landing page where readers can access the document and incorporate important keywords for SEO. Highlight a few examples of the valuable statistics or information readers will get if they download the paper. Distribute the link widely through a press release, social media, marketing emails, paid ads, blog posts and guest posts.

Benefits of White Papers

White papers take more effort to create than a blog post, but can drive a highly targeted audience to your website. Here are some of the reasons to add this marketing tool into your content mix.

  • Display your expertise. An informative white paper positions your business as an industry leader. This can raise your brand profile and keep your business front of mind when customers are considering your products and services.
  • Generate leads. Use a white paper to build your marketing lists, requesting contact information in exchange for a download link. You can also provide a white paper without asking for personal information and instead invite readers to sign up for a newsletter to receive more quality insights.
  • Improve SEO. Search engine crawlers are always seeking new web pages to index. Optimize your landing page to rank for important keywords so that the white paper surfaces in search engine results. If the content is authoritative enough, others may start citing the white paper and sharing links to it. These backlinks help boost your website’s authority in the eyes of search engines and can also help increase search rankings.

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FAQ's About Our White Papers

White papers are a content marketing tool that help businesses establish themselves as industry authorities. These thoroughly researched documents consist of written content with charts, tables and illustrations to emphasize points or break up text. They’re more comprehensive than short-form marketing content such as blog posts.  

White papers are accessed through a landing page on a website. Drive audiences to the page by promoting the link through social media, blog posts and email marketing campaigns. Use key highlights from the white paper to encourage people to click through for more information. 

White papers and research papers are both in-depth explorations of a topic. Research papers tend to be academic in nature to further a body of knowledge. White papers, when used for content marketing, help companies satisfy a business objective. They’re often used to attract new audiences and position a business in a positive light.

White paper technical writing provides readers with an in-depth analysis of a topic, delivering vital insight at no cost. This helps businesses to:

  • Create goodwill, trust and loyalty among audiences
  • Raise brand profiles and establish themselves as resources and experts in a field
  • Acquire customer information and generate leads
  • Create opportunities for backlinks and SEO

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