Meet the Team

Clayton Lainsbury



Matt Martin



Nissa Wallace

Customer Success Manager


Steven Burgoyne

Information Systems Engineer

"Kid Genius"

Lisa Rohner

Director of QA & Enterprise Production

"Director of QA & Enterprise Production"

Meghan McKenzie

Director of Enterprise Sales

"Director of Enterprise Sales"

Eric Hoppe

Director of Marketing

"The Legend"

Tessa MacLachlan

Accounting Manager and Media Contact


Liam Moore

Sales Strategist

"Sales Strategist"

Stefanie Brown

Production Coordinator

"Production Coordinator"

Michael Crawford

Software Developer

"Software Developer"

Jane Anderson

Project Manager

"Project Manager"

Erin Wallace

Project Manager

"Project Manager"

Julia Gora

Web Designer

"Web Designer"

Gina Mariconda

Project Manager

"Project Manager"

Christina Sheridan

Social Media Manager

"Social Media Manager"

Ian Samuels

Project Manager

"Project Manager"

Sarah Mancino

Project Manager

"Project Manager"

Rick Leach

Senior Project Manager

"Senior Project Manager"

Cyndi Bennet

Project Manager

"Project Manager"

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