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How it Works

  1. Place orders with our simple interface. Our one-page order form asks you a few simple, essential questions about your content requirements. You can easily specify voice, tone, keywords, and other important guidelines.
  2. Qualified writers create your content. A qualified writer will claim your order and write your content based on your guidelines. Use instant chat or request revisions to ensure the content perfectly matches your requirements.
  3. Engage your audience and increase search traffic. Publish amazing content that engages your target audience. Word of mouth, social shares, and organic search traffic together grow your customer base. It’s that easy!

Hiring a Ghostwriter Made Easy

A primary concern when working with a ghostwriter is finding one who fits your niche. You also don’t want to put your name on any content that isn’t high-quality and authoritative enough to impress people in your industry or consumers.

With thousands of freelance ghostwriters to choose from in our marketplace, that’s not a problem. You can expect top-quality content that boosts your online marketing efforts and looks great under your name.

  • Place open orders on the Crowd Content marketplace to test the waters and find interested writers with all types of backgrounds.
  • Browse thousands of freelance writers by quality level and expertise to find creators that already know about your industry.
  • Place direct orders to an experienced, professional ghostwriter.
  • Build a team of the best ghostwriters, so you always know someone is ready to complete orders for you.
  • Add editing to your orders and another set of eyes will ensure content is grammatically correct, compliant with your instructions and compatible with your style.

No problem! You can work with a content writer to take some of the day-to-day management off your shoulders or opt for comprehensive premium or enterprise services if you want to order bulk content.

However you choose to find a ghostwriter on Crowd Content, you can customize your orders and score stellar content within your budget. Learn more about our affordable prices and all the types of content you can order from our freelancers.

Hire a Professional Ghostwriter

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For All of Your Content Needs

Use our comprehensive ghostwriting service for all of your web content needs. Our platform lets you manage a large number of ghostwriters instead of relying on the same individual.

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For Your Blog

With any ghostwriter for hire on our platform, you can find the perfect writer for your blog who already knows about your industry and can create curated content.

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To Create an eBook

Work with an experienced eBook ghostwriter to write a book that helps showcase your industry-leading ideas, research and knowledge in an organized way. Connect with a book coach for tips on your latest project.

6,000+ Talented Writers Are Waiting for You!

Make a Great Business Decision

Ghostwriting might get a bad rap in academic circles and traditional publishing houses (and for obvious good reason), but in the world of content marketing, working with a freelance ghostwriter can be a great business decision.

When you hire a ghostwriter to create content for you, you don’t have to give up control of the process, lose your personal voice or brand identity or forgo your own expertise. The best ghostwriters work with all those things to create content you can be proud to put your name on. In fact, many of the world’s biggest brands and public figures rely heavily on a ghostwriting business for content creation and editing services. Bestselling authors in the traditional publishing space, publishing services managing multiple publications, major brands creating content for massive eCommerce sites — they all leverage ghostwriters. Why not get the same advantage?

4 Easy Ways To Find Your Perfect Writer

With over 6000 vetted writers available on our platform, you have a lot of choices for prospective ghostwriters. Fortunately, you have several ways to easily find the right fit.

  • Powerful Writer Search Tool – once you’ve created your account, you’ll have access to our writer search tool that lets you query our writer roster by ability, experience, speed and qualifications. Our system tags workers with over 800 skills and experiences so you can find a writer that knows your industry well.
  • Casting Calls – instead of searching, use a casting call to have writers apply directly to work with you. By crafting a casting call and specifying exactly what you’re looking for in a writer and what your projects require, you’ll receive pitches from qualified applicants that are tailor-made to your requirements.
  • Customer Success Manager – when you sign up with Crowd Content you’ll be given a dedicated customer success manager who is committed to your content creation success. Just drop them a note and they’ll be happy to suggest highly recommended writers for your latest project, or even help you build a team of writers.
  • Managed Service – if you have a lot of content to be ghostwritten, consider contacting our managed Service Team for a fully managed service. You’ll communicate directly with a project manager who handles all writer recruitment, management, and feedback to ensure you receive publish-ready content. They’ll even deliver it to you however you like it.

Whatever option you choose, it’s easy to get started today.

Some benefits of ghostwriting services include:

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Converting Your Ideas

Convert your industry-leading ideas, research or knowledge into high-quality blog posts, articles and eBooks. Delivered to you edited and ready to be published.

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Publish-Ready Content

Fast access to publish-ready content. Be honest with yourself: Even if you have the skills to write and edit all your own content, do you have the time now to get it done? A full-time freelance writer and editor does.

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Integration of Content Marketing Elements

The integration of essential content marketing elements, such as SEO, into your content. If you're looking to author blog posts, you want them to perform well in the search engines.

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High-Quality Content

A regular stream of reliable, high-quality content that doesn't impact your ability to keep up with all the other aspects of your business.

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

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Crowd Content continues to surpass our expectations and always provides high quality content in a timely manner.

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How Does Ghostwriting Work?

Read more about the ghostwriting process and how you can find a freelancer that has the authority to write in your industry.

Find Out More

FAQs About Ghostwriting

With over 6,000 writers available we can help you find the perfect ghostwriter for you to work with. Once you’ve registered you have several options:

  1. Use our writer search tool to find a writer with the skills and experience you need
  2. Create a casting call to invite all our writers to audition for your project
  3. Ask your customer success manager for recommendations

We charge on a per word basis and prices range from 2.2 cents per word to 12 cents per word. For more information on our ghostwriter service, please visit our pricing page.

Most of our writers focus on creating non-fiction content for their clients.

Once you’ve paid for your completed content all rights transfer to you and you are free to use the content however you like.

We’re always looking for great ghostwriters to join our team. Just visit our application page to get started, and find your next ghostwriting job with us.

Looking for Ghostwriting Jobs?

Gain access to plenty of freelance ghostwriting job opportunities when you sign up to work on our writer platform. Reach hundreds of clients in need of help with article writing, book projects, white papers, and more. Advance your freelance writing or editing career and bolster the list of premium clients you've written for.

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