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About us

Finally, a Marketplace Focused on Quality

Your customers crave content. Let’s deliver, together.

Partners in Content

Let’s face it — content creation is hard. We’re here to make it easy.

We’re also here to make it efficient and effective for your organization.

The days of throwing random handfuls of content at the wall and hoping it sticks are gone. Your audience craves quality content and Google demands it.

That’s where we come in. The Crowd Content marketplace is designed to create high quality content at any scale. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 retailer looking to re-write and enhance 1 million product descriptions, or a small business adding a few pages of content to your new website, we’ll help you get the job done.

The difference is in our approach to quality.

The Value of Technology

Tech team

When founder and CEO, Clayton Lainsbury, started Crowd Content, he wanted to build a platform that was simple, but powerful.

He wanted the platform to add value to the content creation process.

Too many marketplaces, he felt, were nothing other than a “basic connection” between client and worker. There was no real value being created in the middle.

From day one, Crowd Content was designed to make the process better for clients and writers. We believe that a client and writer should be able to create higher quality content through Crowd Content than if the same client and writer were to work together outside of Crowd Content.

So far, based on the response from our clients and writers, we think it’s working.

Our Journey Continues

To date, clients from 81 countries have successfully ordered over 25 million words of custom content from the 6,000+ professional writers in the Crowd Content marketplace.

Even though the marketplace allows clients to reject content they aren’t happy with, a staggering 99.7% of content orders are accepted. The average rating clients give writers 4.4 out of 5 (labeled as “Exceeded Expectations” when clients select their rating).

Our passionate team is devoted to helping clients and writers create even better content faster and more efficiently. To get there, we’ll need to focus on technical innovation, a bit of science, and premium customer service. Don’t worry—we’re up for the job.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Who Are These People, Anyway?

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