Facebook: Content

Facebook: Content

You’ve found your voice. Great! But you need more than the perfect voice to attract followers; you need content.

Here are six suggestions for your next Facebook post.

1. Ask Questions

Social media is just that — a social platform. If you don’t interact with people on it, you’re using it wrong. Asking questions is an almost certain way to create follower engagement.

Questions come in many forms

  • yes or no
  • open ended
  • polls
  • contests
  • fill in the blank

Find the right balance of questions to other types of posts so that you neither exhaust nor bore your reader.

2. Share Quotes and Facts

Quotes and facts seem authoritative, so they interest readers and lend credibility to your business. If you’re including a link (see below), post an interesting quote or statistic from the website along with it. If you post a quote all by itself, tell readers to “like if they agree” or “tell us what you think in the comments”.

You’re unlikely to have much control over putting links in your posts since you client will choose what links she wants (if any). Make sure that you include some writing with your link, whether it’s a quote from the article or your own commentary.

4. Attract Visually

When you scroll through your Facebook feed, what catches your attention? Your friends’ status updates or their new profile pictures? Humans are visual creatures so we’re naturally attracted to images. You don’t have control over what photos you post on Facebook, but you do get to write the commentary. Since followers are more likely to read a post with a picture, make sure you give a clear call to action.

5. Be Topical

Facebook moves quickly, so seem timely and informed by relating your postings to current affairs or holidays. As always, write for your target audience. Will they understand your football reference? Have they seen that new movie? Do they celebrate Christmas?

6. Keep It Short

No matter what you decide to post, keep it short. Although Facebook doesn’t have the same character limits as Twitter, you should aim for the same length of posts — around 100 characters.

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