Facebook: Voice

Facebook: Voice

As a writer, you represent your client on Facebook. Your content’s tone is their company’s voice, and that’s a big responsibility. Here are four tips for achieving a likeable Facebook voice.

1. Develop Your Voice

If your client already has an established voice, make sure that your posts imitate that style. If they’re a new company, or new to Facebook, always check what tone they want.

Professional? Relaxed? Funny?

2. Know Your Audience

The best way to find your voice is by knowing your audience. Who are you targeting and how do they speak?

Your language will change if you’re writing for people in their 60s or their 20s, for businesses or families.

3. Stay Positive

No matter what voice you choose, stay positive. Negative posts are unpopular and for good reason.

Your readers don’t care if you lost revenue last month or just stubbed your toe. They want to be inspired by you, not depressed. If you’ve got negative news, be creative about how to change it into something positive.

Rainy weather doesn’t have to ruin your summer vacation. Comment with a picture of your wet adventures.

Despite this advice, never make light of tragedies.

4. Provide a Call to Action

Once you’ve provided some inspiration, give a call to action (tell your reader what to do). In the example above, the call to action is “comment”.

“Like”, “share”, and “comment” are the most common Facebook calls to action, but you can give any call you want.

Example: In preparation for the marathon, we’re selling running shirts and water bottles at 40% off. Buy yours today!

Example: Are you coming to our blogging workshop this Tuesday? Join our event and see if your friends are going.

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