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Digital marketing campaigns live and die by the strength of the copywriters executing the strategy. From social media to website copy, content is your digital sales pitch, and only an expert B2B technology copywriter can truly bring your content to life. A perfect combination of skill, research and industry knowledge is required to show B2B audiences your business is a thought leader.

At Crowd Content, we’re knowledgeable about tech and content writing. Our experienced technology copywriting agency has been around since 2010. We live and breathe digital marketing and stringently vet each writer to ensure their writing meets our high expectations.

What Is Tech Content Writing?

Our writers generate tech content based on your brand’s unique voice and personality, communicating highly complex concepts in an engaging and meaningful manner. We’ve got writers with expertise spanning the full spectrum of tech clients, including:

  • Managed IT services
  • Cybersecurity firms
  • SaaS companies
  • IaaS companies
  • Web developers
  • App developers
  • UI and UX designers
  • Tech hardware companies
  • Tech start-ups

Tech copywriters conduct extensive research into your target audience to craft content that seamlessly fits your tech brand’s persona. Examples of tech writing include website copy, how-to articles, tech reviews and long-form copy such as white papers.
Writers in the B2B tech field must understand what search engines expect, in addition to audiences. An excellent tech content writing strategy captures search engine users’ intent and holds their attention. Integrating creativity with technical knowledge is no mean feat, but our tech copywriters have mastered it.

The more quality tech content you include on your site, the higher search engines rank it and the easier it is for people to find you. What’s more, being highly discoverable puts you in the best position to become a thought leader and brand authority.

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Types of Copywriting for Tech Companies

Creating a diverse technology content marketing strategy is the key to reaching a wider B2B audience. Different types of copy appeal to different experts within your field and should reflect their priorities. Our tech copywriters are experts in market research and know how to craft high-conversion content for your specific audiences.
Let’s look at some of the most effective forms of content writing within the B2B tech industry.

Website Copy

All content on your website should be optimized for your target audience and search engines. The art of content writing lies in writers’ ability to ensure copy both reads well and meets search engine algorithms’ expectations—today’s densely populated internet has no room for keyword stuffing. You can count on our tech content experts to satisfy audiences as well as Google.

Case Studies

Case studies are some of the most influential copy tech companies can utilize. These real-world experiences retold as compelling stories demonstrate your business acumen. Let our writers craft case studies that entice potential clients to choose your technology business over your competitors.

Press Releases

A press release can be a highly influential way to let the world know your tech company means business. Our tech press release writers understand PR and how to build credibility using content.


Using ghostwriting services gives you the best of both worlds by populating your tech website with exceptional copy while letting you take the credit. Our services are ghostwritten as standard, so your business comes across as an expert at producing professional-quality writing as well as tech.

White Papers and E-Books

Educating audiences is one of the best ways to draw them in and position your brand as the solution to their problem. White papers and e-books establish brand authority and are favourites among B2B audiences.

Benefits of Working With a Technology Copywriting Agency

There are too many advantages to working with the copywriters here at Crowd Content to name. Here are some of our previous tech clients have mentioned:

  • Our writers craft the type of content that engages technology buyers, so your website generates more leads.
  • Targeted, refined content is crafted with your specific audience in mind, so the leads are high-quality.
  • Your marketing spend goes further, with well-written, publish-ready content you can use across a variety of platforms.
  • Your in-house teams can get on with high-level work such as strategizing while our expert tech copywriters populate the web with quality content in your name.

How to Request a Tech Copywriter

Working with Crowd Content is as simple as ordering a pizza or buying a new shirt. Just follow these steps:

  1. Provide your name and email address to create a free business account.
  2. Click the Add funds icon at the top of the screen and use PayPal or a credit card to get started.
  3. Click the Create order icon, choose the tech content you want our writers to create and provide detailed information. You can either choose a specific writer or send your order to the marketplace, where a qualified tech copywriter will pick it up. You can also add editing services at this point.

If you’re interested in learning more about our managed projects for high-volume projects, overseen by expert content managers, get in touch today.

Work With Tech Experts

We tirelessly vet each tech content writer to ensure they have the writing skills, understanding of SEO and knowledge necessary to excel for our clients. That means you benefit from technology copywriters who have proven expertise.

Copy That Converts Visitors to Customers

Writing content that appeals to potential customers as well as Google’s algorithm is a fine art. Incorporating too many keywords makes the copy seems like spam to both; however, not having enough keyword relevancy also means neither search engines nor customers will be interested. Having a writer that can balance art and SEO is crucial in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is in the process of changing the world, but it’s by no means something everyone’s taking advantage of yet. Get ahead of the masses by deploying a content marketing strategy with the help of experts at the cutting edge of technology.

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FAQ's About Our Technology Writing Services

In the very rare instance clients aren’t happy with the content produced by our writers, they can request as many revisions as needed for no extra charge. If the article simply doesn’t meet your high standards, you can reject it and we’ll process a full refund.

The cost of our B2B technology copywriter services varies depending on your quality expectations and budget. The highest quality content costs 13.5 cents per word, while the basic level is 3 cents per word. High-volume managed content is priced depending on your tech company’s specific needs.