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In 2019, the tourism industry pulled in an eye-watering 2.9 trillion dollars globally. New companies are popping up every year, and getting noticed by your target audience is getting harder. With so much competition, it’s crucial you take steps to make sure your business stands out.

Thankfully, the internet makes it easier than ever to get a step ahead of your competitors. Crowd Content’s expert travel copywriters understand marketing and SEO and have the creative talent to engage specific audiences. With help from our expert travel copywriters, you can position yourself as a brand authority and send your website to the top of the search engine results pages.

What Is Travel Writing?

Travel copywriting is content produced with the aim of selling the products and services of tourism providers. It can benefit a broad range of companies within the tourism industry.
Broadly speaking, tourism is defined as places or activities people pursue outside of their daily environment. This might be for work, education or pleasure and includes hospitality, attractions, transportation services and destination businesses.

Creating engaging descriptive content that makes an emotional impact on readers is one of the best ways to market your tourism business. A talented copywriter can immerse their audience in an experience, creating a sense of urgency and stoking the reader’s desire to book the experiences they’ve always dreamed of.

People who love travelling are some of the most likely audiences to conduct research online. By capturing their search intent and delivering exceptional content across your various marketing channels, you can catch their attention and engage them on a personal level. As all savvy executives know, an engaged customer is a loyal customer.

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Content Writing for Travel Companies

Let’s look at some of the different types of tourism companies that have benefited from our travel content writing services.

  • Aggregator websites for travel and tourism: E-commerce is driving the small business revolution, and aggregator sites are popular within the travel industry. Now that people realize how easy these sites are to run relative to the ROI, more operators are jumping on the bandwagon. Content marketing is one of the best ways to get your site noticed on search engines and social media.
  • Hotels: Hotels are the backbone of the tourism industry and serve different functions for different audiences. By writing about the local area, providing useful tips for travellers and optimizing your website for SEO, you can stand out online.
  • Hospitality venues: Hospitality is an industry that runs on notoriously tight margins. It’s unlikely anyone in-house has time to write content, but the benefits to your online reputation are huge. Outsourcing copywriting could attract potential customers from around the world to your establishment.
  • Local attractions: What do people do on holiday? Visit local attractions. And how do most people discover places they want to visit on holiday? Google. Our copywriters are SEO experts and have a working knowledge of the 200-plus data points Google’s algorithm uses to rank websites. Let them create content for your company that lets your audience know you’re a must-visit place on their upcoming or current journey.
  • Adventure travel companies: Some people love to eat and drink on holiday, but a growing number of people are pursuing adventures. The great outdoors never loses its appeal, and blog posts, articles and brochures are some of the best ways to let people know you’re open for business and ready to curate some serious fun.
  • State and county travel boards: It’s not just private companies that benefit from our travel copywriters’ expertise. Local travel boards can get in on the action and use content marketing to get more eyes on their websites.

Other Industries That Can Utilize Tourism

Travel insurance companies

Travel insurance is just as important as the trip itself, and companies in this vertical can take advantage of content writing services. Offering safety tips, local information and related content can provide web users with value while promoting your brand.

Car rentals

Renting a car is essential for many people on holiday or a business trip away from home. Car rental companies can attract more website visitors by writing blog posts and long-form landing pages that speak to customers and search engine algorithms.


There are more mature students than ever, and people are spreading their wings and seeking out educational opportunities further afield. Your educational institution can tap into this growing market by creating content to let people from near and far know why your facility and the local area is the one for them.


Another reason people travel is for medical purposes. From hair transplants to dentistry and cosmetic surgery, some people prefer to seek procedures further afield. You can appeal to a broader audience and let the world know why you’re a destination for medical tourism.

Travel Content Writing Examples

The travel and lifestyle industry can make use of a broad range of content. The more diverse and dynamic your marketing strategy, the more people you’re likely to reach.Below is an explanation of some of the highest-converting types of content we write for companies in the business of tourism.

  • Blog Posts
    Blog posts are probably the first thing you think of when it comes to travel writing. Our tourism copywriters are truly passionate about travel, so exceptional copy comes naturally. Blog posts can cover anything from local history to attractions and areas of geographical interest.
    Our writers understand how to strategically include the information search engines expect to see while keeping content exciting and engaging for visitors.
  • Listicles
    Listicles are super-popular when it comes to travel. This is because people are looking for social proof to reinforce their decisions about where to go and what to see. The beauty of this type of article is that it’s an advertisement for your brand, but it also provides genuine value to the person viewing it.
  • E-books
    A well-written e-book is one of the most immersive ways to engage a warm lead. If someone wants to visit a particular place and reads a long-form piece about someone else’s magnificent experience, they’re going to want to experience it for themselves.
  • Landing Pages
    Your landing pages aren’t just there to promote your business and tick a box. Google scans your entire website to analyze how useful and informative it is for audiences. Our travel content writers understand exactly what Google is looking for. This allows them to create landing pages that improve rankings and inspire visitors to book or purchase.
  • Press Releases 
    We understand how powerful PR is for travel companies, and our writers can craft press releases that shine the most brilliant light on your business. If you’re rebranding, hosting an event or launching a new destination, we can provide the best coverage to get you noticed.

Benefits of Content Marketing for the Travel Industry

Let’s look at the advantages of implementing an expert content writing strategy.

More Shares and Higher Rankings

The most obvious reason to work with the travel copywriters at Crowd Content is to boost rankings. One of the biggest ways this happens is through social media. Engaging content inspires social shares, and as shares climb, your company establishes brand authority. As more shares and backlinks accumulate, your SERP ranking soars.

Brand Authority

Brand authority sounds like an elusive marketing term, but it’s a great way to grow your business. Your brand is considered as having authority when someone can locally, nationally or internationally recognize your company and associate it with your industry. While a small business might never reach the heights of TripAdvisor, you can’t rule it out. By deploying smart digital marketing tactics, your travel company could become the next big thing.

Sell More

Ultimately, the beauty of a content marketing strategy for tourism companies is increased sales. More online visibility means more website traffic, and engaging content is the key to inspiring visitors to convert and share great experiences with friends and family.
Word of mouth has officially moved online, and you can tap into this global phenomenon by writing quality content.

Why Choose Crowd Content’s Travel Content Writing Service

  • Quality research: We carefully vet each member of our growing team of writers to ensure our clients receive exceptional copy every time. Quality research lies at the heart of excellent copywriting, and all our writers take the time to learn your brand, audience and specific travel niche inside and out.
  • Optimization: If you deploy a content strategy that includes SEO, you’re getting ahead of your competitors. Engaging copy with a few keywords here and there isn’t enough anymore, and our travel writers understand the nuances of what search engines expect.
  • Quality control: While we have self-serve service content with the option of hiring an editor available, you can go a step further and use our fully managed services for high-volume projects, with three layers of quality control included. SEO is in the process of changing the world, but it’s by no means something everyone’s taking advantage of yet. Get ahead of the masses by deploying a content marketing strategy with the help of experts at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

How to Request a Travel Article

Requesting tourism content services from Crowd Content couldn’t be easier. Just follow these three steps and you could have a perfectly optimized blog post, brochure or property description within days:

  1. Create a free account, take a look around the platform and browse our catalog of writers.
  2. Use a credit card or PayPal to add funds to your account.
  3. Create an order to request an article.

If you’re looking for managed services, get in touch to discuss your requirements and expectations and receive a quote.

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FAQ's About Our Travel Writing Services

There’s a lot of travel writing online, which means you need to work with an expert if you want your content to stand out. Storytelling and emotional engagement are vital when it comes to travel content. Articles that convert inspire a sense of longing in the reader by immersing them in an experience before they’ve had it themselves.  

At Crowd Content, you can get travel content for as little as 3 cents per word. This is the most basic level, with an additional four quality levels available. For a self-serve writer at the highest level, you can expect to pay 13 cents per word. We also work with enterprise to deliver high-volume managed services, with bespoke pricing depending on your needs.