Content Writing for Law Firms

It goes without saying that it’s one of the most important industries in the world, but it’s also one of the most competitive. Law firms are under pressure to adapt to market changes, particularly with regards to digital transformation. Expert legal content writers can help legal businesses expand their reach without making a significant financial investment.

Keep reading to find out more about law copywriting services, and learn why the exceptional freelancers at Crowd Content are best placed to drive traffic to your legal services website.

What Is a Law Copywriter?

A law copywriter is an expert in two areas: legal services and content marketing. Our onboarding team vets each writer extensively, taking into account industry experience and the quality of their writing. Each writer must pass several assessments to be considered for our platform, as well as providing evidence to demonstrate their capacity for expertise in the legal field.

The content they produce can help your company reach a wider audience and build a reputation as a legal services authority. Because legal matters can be very sensitive subjects, individuals who require a law firm’s services often conduct extensive research online before choosing who to work with.

A content marketing strategy can help you reach the customers who are actively searching for your services. Articles and blog posts can help them move through pain points and resolve issues, establishing a sense of trust before they’ve even spoken to a staff member. The more quality content you post online, the more other experts will link to your website, establishing your brand as a thought leader in the legal field.


Why You Need It and How We Can Help

More than 90 percent of consumers begin their buying journeys with a search engine, and that’s true whether people are researching products or services. Someone looking for legal services is likely to start with a relevant query in Google. But law firms without the right content and SEO won’t show up in the search results—and will probably miss out on the client.

Content marketing for law firms does a lot more for your business than help you find a place in the search engine results. Find out more about content writing for law firms below and why you need it.

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What Can Law Content Writers Do?

There are many different types of content written for the legal field, with each type of piece serving a different function for potential clients and search engines alike. Below is a quick explanation of some of the highest-converting content for legal firms.

Landing Pages

The aim of Google and other search engines is to provide web users with valuable, actionable information. By doing so, they establish trust and keep people coming back to use their services.
For their algorithms to consider your law firm’s website useful to the public, the site needs to satisfy more than 200 metrics. Landing pages are especially important. They should include long-form content that defines every service you provide, with separate pages for each location you operate in. Search engines also expect the pages to be updated regularly with fresh information.
Keeping up with this aspect of content marketing alone takes a lot of time. Your team’s time is better spent doing what they do best, with our content writing services providing an affordable solution with extraordinary ROI.

Blog Posts

Having a blog with a few keywords here and there is no longer enough. Each post should contain topically relevant, long-form content that answers the public’s burning legal questions.Updating your blog regularly is a highly effective way of capturing the intent of search engine users. Plus, by linking to authoritative sources and acquiring backlinks, you can use a blog to establish your law firm as a thought leader.

Editorial Content

Editorial content adds value for people who are interested in legal subject matter and goes a step further to establishing band authority. Our content writers are just as experienced and effective at crafting editorial content as they are at blogging and creating website copy.

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email marketing can be highly effective for law firms, helping your brand stay fresh in clients’ eyes by consistently delivering value into their inboxes. Newsletters humanize your brand, helping you build and maintain a personal relationship with clients.
Newsletters can be particularly effective in the field of legal services, and our law content writers can take this integral weekly or monthly task off your hands.

White Papers

White papers are one of the best ways to let the world know the extent of your expertise and acumen when it comes to solving problems. While highly effective in the B2B space, they also offer value to potential clients and can serve as tools to help you gather data.
What’s more, search engines favour long-form content because they view it as providing web users with the most value.


Written interviews serve a variety of functions, providing a networking opportunity and allowing you to answer a broader range of internet users’ questions. Conducting interviews with legal experts or thought leaders from different fields can open up new doors. Posting them digitally helps you reach a wider audience and solve a variety of problems.

Case Studies

Case studies can serve as crucial motivation to potential clients who are deciding whether to use your services or go with a competitor. All law practitioners know case studies are one of the most effective marketing tactics, providing real-life examples of how your firm has helped people and offering valuable insight into your brand personality.

Why Choose Crowd Content’s Legal Copywriting Services?

With so many freelancers and content services claiming they can create the best legal content for your law firm, how do you choose the best one? At Crowd Content, we’ve been helping law firm operators increase web traffic and grow their practices since 2010. We’ve always been ahead of the curve and have a reputation for providing quality services to our clients.
Let’s look at some of the reasons law firms keep returning to work with our content writers. They craft content that’s:

  • Authoritative: Authority can’t be faked. Law is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, with more codes and regulations governing it than a non-expert can keep up with. There’s so much specialty vocabulary that legal services might as well have its own dictionary. Luckily, our content writers are already experts, so they can craft authoritative copy that converts.
  • Actionable: Content shouldn’t just be topically relevant and useful to customers; it should inspire them to take action. Legal copywriting should be subtly persuasive and never take a hard-sell approach. Crowd Content’s legal writers can navigate this tightrope with grace and style.
  • Relevant: It’s no secret that the law is ever-changing and the goal posts move on a regular basis. While you’re busy helping clients move forward through these changes, our law copywriters can make the necessary updates and amendments to your customer-facing copy.
  • Optimized: The whole point of a content strategy is to let search engines know your website is there to solve web users’ problems. Being discoverable online requires extensive knowledge of how and why Google places websites at the top of its search engine results pages.

Benefits of Hiring a Legal Website Copywriter

Now that you’re armed with an understanding of what legal copywriting services entail, here’s an explanation of how they can help your law firm grow.

  1. Free Up Your Team’s Time
    Your team’s time is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Our expert copywriters can create content on your law firm’s behalf for a fraction of what it would cost in-house. They conduct extensive research and follow your instructions to a T, seamlessly adopting your brand voice and creating perfectly optimized content that converts.
  2. Get Discovered by Search Engines
    SEO is one of the hottest marketing trends, and it’s a lot more than just a buzzword. Search engines want to solve the public’s problems, and so does your law firm. Let the legal content experts at Crowd Content align your goals with the expectations of search engine algorithms to send your website hurtling up the SERPs.
  3. Become a Thought Leader
    Brand authority can be the difference between someone choosing your law firm over another. If the content on your website answers people’s questions in an authoritative and meaningful way, they’re more likely to choose your services over a company that doesn’t offer them value.

Legal Writers for Hire

We’ve worked extensively within the law field. Here are some examples of law firms we’ve written for:

  • Personal injury
  • Employment law
  • Criminal defence
  • Family law
  • Property law
  • Social Security
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business law
  • Insurance law
  • Estates and wills
  • Tax law
  • Environmental law
  • Civil litigation
  • Medical malpractice
  • Immigration law
  • Elder law

How to Request Content Writing for Law Firms

Crowd Content’s easy-to-use website makes requesting legal content a breeze. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a free client account, peek around the platform and take a look at our roster of 6,000 expert content writers
  2. Add funds to your balance with a credit card or PayPal
  3. Request an order by creating a job request, fill out the form to let the writer what you need and set the time frame

We also provide managed services for high-scale projects, overseen by an expert content manager, with three layers of quality control included. Get in touch today for a quote.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is in the process of changing the world, but it’s by no means something everyone’s taking advantage of yet. Get ahead of the masses by deploying a content marketing strategy with the help of legal writing experts.

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FAQ's About Our Legal Writing Services

Our writers understand the importance of conducting extensive research into your audience. What’s best to write about depends on what your target market wants to read. Examples of subjects we’ve written about include current events, notable cases, news, business-specific client pages, FAQs and case studies.

The cost of your legal content depends on the quality of writing you require and the type of service you choose. Self-serve rates start at 3 cents per word and go up to 13 cents per word, with the cost of managed services customized according to your requirements.

A strong content strategy provides numerous benefits for law firms. It helps potential clients discover your firm, makes it easier to convert potential clients to actual clients and can drive up revenue for your business. Let’s dig deeper into why your law firm should invest in legal content writing services today.

Content Helps You Show Up for Searchers

One of the first reasons to invest in content writing is because quality content helps push your pages higher in the search engines. When people enter a search query, they’re most likely to choose one of the first three results and unlikely to click past the first page of results. 

At Crowd Content, we can help you create and implement a legal content writing strategy to increase your chances of showing up on the first page of search results by:

  • Including the right keywords and other SEO elements. Our writers are adept at creating copy that edifies and educates the reader while also including strong keywords and other SEO best practices. 
  • Integrating local SEO. For law firms with offices in multiple cities or lawyers that serve multiple areas, local content such as city pages can be critical.

Creating high-quality content that’s semantically complete and addresses searcher intent. We aren’t in the business of slapping keywords into quickly-churned content and calling it done. Our teams work to write comprehensive legal content that performs well in search engines. 

Legal Content Writing Creates Authority and Trust

Content marketing for law firms must also demonstrate your authority in the niche to build trust with your reader. It’s imperative that each landing page or blog on your site demonstrates knowledge of your niche, giving potential clientele a sneak peek into the services you can provide for them. 

Law firm content writing that conveys this authority is more likely to persuade people to call your office or make an appointment to learn more about your services. 

It Educates Potential Clientele

Legal matters can be scary for those who don’t understand them. When your content approaches a topic in an authoritative but comforting way, providing insight and education, you offer immediate value for potential clientele. This increases the chance they remember your law firm and reach out to you when they have a need or are ready to move forward with a matter.

Lawyers generally want to avoid giving outright advice in content marketing. After all, you want someone to reach out and become a paying client before that happens. Crowd Content helps you create blog posts and other content that educates readers about what type of law you practice, defines different aspects of the law and helps individuals understand why they might need your services. 

It Helps You Generate More Leads

Strong legal content helps your firm drive more leads by:

  • Showing up for interested people in the search engines
  • Inspiring people to share your content on their social media pages and sites
  • Providing value that spurs people to sign up for your email lists

Without compelling and authoritative landing pages, blog posts and other types of content, you miss out on these critical elements of digital marketing. 

It’s always a good time to work on your law firm’s content marketing strategy, and the good news is that you don’t need in-house resources to get the job done. 

Whether you’re looking for technical writing for your law firm or want compelling narrative-based blog posts to engage your target audience, Crowd Content can help. Find out more about our copywriting services today.