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Marketing is the magic ingredient that connects businesses with their target audience. Digital transformation is well underway, and SMEs are rushing to refine their digital content strategy to harness the power of digital marketing. As a marketing agency, you can serve more clients with shorter lead times by strategically outsourcing content creation to a white-label service like Crowd Content.

What Does a Marketing Copywriter Do?

With more than 6,000 fully vetted marketing copywriters in our stable, we’re perfectly placed to help marketing companies expand their reach. Our marketing writers have the talent to seamlessly adapt to any brand voice and provide high-quality content at speed.

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Types of Marketing Content

Marketing content comes in a wide variety of forms, with the following being the most popular:

  • Website copy: As any marketer knows, every character, word and sentence on a website makes an impact. We create optimized landing pages and web copy that strikes a chord with readers and meets search engine algorithms’ expectations.
  • Blog posts: For the best results, Google expects webmasters to keep their content super-fresh. Ideally, this means weekly updates to blog posts and annual content refreshes. As your agency grows, meeting the demands of your clients as their success increases becomes hugely challenging unless you outsource content to a white-label service like Crowd Content.
  • Product description and category pages: Our marketing writers are experts in product descriptions and category pages. They understand how to write compelling copy that converts customers and includes strategically placed keywords and phrases that send a product page zooming up the SERPs.
  • Press releases: Press releases are journalistic pieces that create a buzz around an event, rebrand or launch campaign. We don’t just have commercial writers on our books—we also have freelancers with years of experience writing print and online journalism.
  • White papers: Long-form content is preferred by Google as it draws readers in and keeps them on a web page longer. White papers can act as an excellent content marketing tool or provide an opportunity for data capture, depending on your clients’ needs.

Our writers go through several layers of tests before getting approved to use our site. Each of them must demonstrate an aptitude for various types of marketing copy to qualify to claim work at Crowd Content. Our senior team administer further assessments to determine whether a writer is an expert in the field. You have the option to hand-pick who you work with on the self-serve side of the platform, choosing from a roster of over 6,000 writers.
For managed projects, a dedicated content manager hand-picks the best team for your large-scale job, ensuring each marketing writer is experienced and adept at creating content for the target audience in question.

Benefits of Crowd Content’s Copywriting

There’s no doubt your in-house marketing content writers have the talent to write all the content you need to produce but are you in a position to scale up? If growth is on your agenda, outsourcing content writing is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of maintaining your quality standards while expanding your capacity.
Let’s look at how our services can benefit your marketing company.

Save Time

Outsourcing copywriting allows you to serve more clients without spending more time on in-house content creation. Digital marketing is about so much more than just producing content, and your best minds should focus on strategy, solutions and refinement. Let us take care of the daily grind.


Working directly with freelancers is often less cost-effective than working with a white-label service like Crowd Content. What’s more, there’s always a risk involved when you work with freelancers, who are in an unpredictable industry and could disappear at any moment. With us, if a writer can’t complete the project, we’ve got a roster of over 6,000 other writers and can instantly reassign the job to another marketing expert.

Quality Control

You can go a step further and hire an experienced editor or proofreader to assure quality when using our self-serve website function. Alternatively, you can work with one of our exceptional editorial content managers on large-scale projects. Managed content has three layers of quality control, with a writer, editor and quality assurance included in the package.

Create Bulk Orders

Scalability is the real advantage for marketing agencies working with a white-label content creation service. You no longer have to worry about how to handle the growing amount of daily, weekly and monthly content clients expect you to produce. This means you can focus on growing your agency and reaching a wider audience while our marketing content writers work away behind the scenes to deliver content.

How to Request Marketing Writers

Working with Crowd Content is easy. To sign up for our self-serve marketing copywriter service, follow these steps:

  1. Create a business account.
  2. Add funds to your client account with a credit card or PayPal.
  3. Browse our professional marketing writers and either directly order an article from one of them or place an order to be picked up by the pool of experts in your niche.

For more information about our managed service for marketing agencies, get in touch today.

Work With Marketing Experts

We tirelessly vet each marketing content writer to ensure they have the writing skills, understanding of SEO and knowledge necessary to excel for our clients. That means you benefit from marketing copywriters who have proven expertise as digital marketers within the industry.

Copy That Converts Visitors to Customers

Writing content that appeals to potential customers as well as Google’s algorithm is a fine art. Incorporating too many keywords makes the copy seems like spam to both; however, not having enough keyword relevancy also means neither search engines nor customers will be interested. Having a writer that can balance art and SEO is crucial in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is in the process of changing the world, but it’s by no means something everyone’s taking advantage of yet. Get ahead of the masses by deploying a content marketing strategy with the help of experts at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

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FAQ's About Our Marketing Writing Services

When it comes to self-serve content, prices start at 3 cents per word for basic services and go up to 13 cents per word for marketing expert copywriters. The cost of our fully managed content service depends on your requirements and business goals.

White-label content is created by ghostwriters who produce targeted content based on extensive research into each article’s target market. You call the copy they produce your own, adorn it with your agency’s branding and take full credit for our writers’ exceptional copy. Alternatively, you can sell it on to your clients and they’ll be none the wiser.