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In recent years, clever tech professionals have transformed the internet so that anyone can start and operate a website. Educational institutions have more competition than ever from savvy marketers and online course providers. By harnessing the power of an education content writer, you could propel your website up the search engine results pages and reach a bigger audience.

At Crowd Content, we’ve been in the game of content creation for academic institutions and e-learning providers longer than most. We know a thing or two about creating publish-ready copy that converts inquiring minds into course participants while satisfying SEO requirements.

What Is Education Writing?

Education writing is the copy on your website, social media platforms and promotional materials that attracts people to your school, college, university or e-learning platform. This type of writing should perfectly reflect your brand identity while meeting your business objectives.

Whether you’re looking to increase organic website traffic, improve conversions or appear higher up on search engine results pages, we can help. Our education content writers understand how to create high-level professional copy that’s easy to understand and communicates the standards of your unique organization.

Whichever core demographic you aim for, our education copywriters can create engaging, targeted copy that commands attention and retains it. They’ll articulate complex concepts into easy-to-understand sentences that resonate with your target audience and search engine algorithms.

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Types of Education Content Writing

With a growing number of people becoming mature students and re-skilling, The United States education market should reach a colossal total value of $1,949.99 billion by 2025. That’s excellent news for operators in the education sector, with a single caveat: You must be discoverable to your target market.

Having a substantial customer base doesn’t automatically make people come flocking to you. To establish authority and develop a reputation, you’ll need to enlist help from education copywriters to create the following content.

  • White papers: If you’re looking to establish your business as an authority, whitepapers are crucial in the education industry. Our content writers understand how to create white papers that inspire and inform.
  • Press releases:It’s crucial to let the world know about your academic institution’s achievements and the important changes that take place. We can help you craft professional press releases that arouse interest and paint your educational platform or institution in the best possible light.
  • Email marketing content: Once you’ve attracted a cold lead, there’s usually a ton of work involved in nurturing them into a warm one. Our education copywriters can take some of the burdens off your shoulders with a professional email marketing campaign.

Benefits of Professional Education Content Writing Services

As education providers, your days are spent juggling multiple tasks and wearing several hats. Don’t add the extensive workload of education copywriting to an already overburdened staff. Instead, outsource to academic content creation experts.

Below are just a few of the benefits you’ll reap from enlisting the help of copywriting professionals.

Expert Education Copywriters

Our education content writers are experts in their fields, who each undergo several assessments before qualifying to work with us. In addition to testing their acumen as content writers and SEO experts, we ensure high-level proficiency in the field of education by administering further industry-specific assessments.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring visibility on search engines is paramount for businesses today. Securing a spot on Google’s front page—both for local and national searches—is perhaps the most potent means of amplifying your brand in our increasingly digital landscape. Moreover, our skilled writers excel at SEO, adeptly optimizing content to enhance your online presence and drive your brand to the forefront of digital searches.

Brand Authority

The more content you have online that’s well-written and industry-specific, the more of an authority your brand will appear. When people start using your blog and whitepapers as authoritative sources, you’ll know you’ve achieved significant recognition.

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Education Copywriter FAQs

Content marketing for educators creates a catalog of important information that leads straight to your website. More people are becoming mature students than ever, and content marketing can entice people who aren’t actively searching for a new qualification.

What’s more, a well-written website and prospectus copy is essential for attracting the best, most relevant prospective students to your school or e-learning site.

The exact cost of content writing services for the education sector varies, depending on your goals, the length of content you need and the quality level of the writer you want to work with. You have the option to use our self-service platform or, if you prefer, collaborate with one of our seasoned content managers who will handle most of the heavy lifting for you.

For those opting for the self-serve route, educational articles start at just 3.5 cents per word. Pricing for managed content is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Crowd Content is here to support your content writing journey from inception to completion. Begin by exploring the choices on our website and setting up an account. We’ll ensure you receive top-notch educational content that resonates and drives results.