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If your business operates online in any capacity, the need for an eCommerce content writing service has never been more urgent. Now that technology allows anyone to start and maintain a successful eCommerce website, sales are increasing and more entrepreneurs are flocking to take advantage. To compete, you need to make sure your website stands out, speaks to your audience and satisfies search engine algorithms.

Don’t worry, though; you don’t have to do it all by yourself on top of running your company. Tap into Crowd Content’s expertise, and let us take care of content writing so you can focus on what you do best.

What Is eCommerce Writing?

eCommerce writing is web copy written with the intent of enticing and persuading leads to convert. Effective eCommerce writing starts with a captivating headline crafted to attract users via search engines. Factors such as the structure, format, word count, message quality and the use of relevant keywords all influence how search engines rank your website.

If this sounds complicated, it’s just the beginning. The actual website copy needs to satisfy over 200 ranking factors to meet Google’s strict requirements. This includes technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Working with Crowd Content’s eCommerce copywriter service gives you ready-made copy that’s perfectly optimized and expertly written, with search engine ranking as a top priority.

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Who Are eCommerce Writers and Editors?

An eCommerce writer is a copywriter who specializes in content that helps companies sell their products and services. This type of writer has a professional understanding of branding, digital marketing and SEO, plus a knack for writing creative, persuasive copy in various styles. An eCommerce content editor has an eagle-eye for detail and extensive experience writing in the field, letting them make high-level edits to refine your copy even further.

At Crowd Content, we go one step further by providing three levels of quality assessment on the managed side of our platform. If you opt for managed services, a content manager oversees all your content creation, providing a third round of QA at the highest possible level. Even if you choose the self-serve option, you’re guaranteed a qualified native English-speaking writer whose skills have been vetted extensively for quality.

What Are the Different Types of eCommerce Content?

If you’ve got an eCommerce website or any site that sells your products or services, you’ll need perfectly optimized copy that draws customers in and meets search engines’ pernickety requirements. There are three main types of eCommerce content:

  1. Landing pages: One of the main reasons companies large and small choose to work with an eCommerce content writing service is scale. To appear high up in the SERPs, you’ll need a landing page for every service you provide or product you sell and every location you operate in. Plus, Google expects you to regularly update your website with fresh, new content to stay relevant and up to date.
  2. Category descriptions: Category pages are still something of an insider secret. They have the double-edged purpose of letting customers know that they’re in the correct place to find what they need and letting search engines know about the most important keywords for that page.
  3. Product descriptions: There’s no doubt you’ve seen a product description before, but you might not realize how important they are for sales and SEO. An expertly written description for your products or services increases conversions while signalling to search engines that your site is relevant to your industry. Diverse expertise is crucial when it comes to SEO, and our writers understand the full spectrum of the eCommerce industry. During a series of assessments, we assess our content writers on their copywriting abilities.

Benefits of Working With eCommerce Copywriting Professionals

Outsourcing eCommerce writing and editing services are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to drive sales and improve your online presence. The benefits don’t end there, though.

Help Customers Understand Why They Should Click Buy Now

The main reason content written by copywriters tends to convert more leads is experience and expertise. The copywriters at Crowd Content must pass several assessments before they start working with us to ensure they can deliver audience-specific content quickly. As such, you have peace of mind that your eCommerce content is of the highest standard by someone with an intricate understanding of how to write copy that sells.

Increase Sales

As a decision-maker, you understand the importance of attention to detail. Every single word on your website contributes to converting visitors to clients. This rings true for search engine optimization as it does for the people visiting your site, which is why working with experts delivers the best results.

Strengthen Branding

Consistency used to be everything when it came to branding, but now, consumers expect more. Your brand’s personality should shine through every word of copy on your website.

Crowd Content’s writers and editors are marketing-savvy brand experts. They understand how to conduct target audience and brand research that lets them shape eCommerce content to your specific market and imbue every sentence with your brand identity. The more unique, memorable and defined your brand is, the better it’ll do.

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eCommerce Content Writing Service FAQs

When it comes to eCommerce content, there’s a lot to take into account. The writer must adapt to your brand voice and style, understand keyword strings and placement, know how to use active voice, be aware of best practices with verbs and adjectives and still have a creative flair.

At Crowd Content, we have two levels of eCommerce content writing service: managed and self-serve. There are four different quality levels for both, with prices starting at as little as $3.50 for 100 words. The cost of managed content includes three levels of quality assessment and is customized depending on your specific requirements and budget.

While it’s possible to write eCommerce content in-house, it won’t convert in the same way as an eCommerce copy written by a professional. Our writers have years of experience combining creativity with a technical understanding of SEO and conversion optimization. Even your best amateur writer won’t have the same ability to satisfy Google and your customers equally.

At Crowd Content, you have the best eCommerce copywriters on the web at your disposal. To get perfectly optimized, publish-ready content, all you have to do is create an account and follow the instructions on our easy-to-use platform.