Feature Friday: How to Use Team and Direct Orders

This week on Feature Friday, Scott, Account Manager, demonstrates how you can use open, team, and direct orders.

Open orders allow you to send your content order out to all qualified writers. For example, if you placed an open order for three star quality content, your order can be picked up by any three or four star writer on the Crowd Content platform.

Once you have established a relationship with a few writers who have successfully completed your content orders, you can add them to a team, and place team orders.

For example, if you have four writers who have created amazing blog posts for you in the past, you can create a “Blogging” team. Once you place an order with this team, only writers on the team will be able to pick up your order.

If you are particularly impressed with one of your writers, you can send a direct order to them. This is a great feature if you want to keep a uniform voice across your website, blog, or social media content.

It is common to use a mix of open, team, and direct orders. Give it a try!