Feature Friday: How to Change Your Account Settings

Today, Scott explains how easy it is to set a low funds notification, and change other areas of your profile and account information.

If you have changed your address, you can easily update your account information under the Edit Account Info tab.

Are you one of those people who likes to change their passwords every couple of months? If so, it is easy to do in the Change Password tab.

Should you wish to attach a picture to your profile, you can do so under the Change Picture tab. Here, you can upload your headshot, company logo, or use an avatar we provide for you.

Finally, we have a Low Funds Notification option where you can set a customized threshold for when you would like a reminder to add funds to your account. This feature is handy if you are running content campaigns and have content scheduled to place months in advance. This feature will ensure you are notified when your account hits a certain balance so that you have enough credit for your scheduled orders to place.

For more information on features available within your Crowd Content account, check out the Feature Friday library!