Feature Friday: How to Search and View Writer Profiles

We are so proud of our writers! They have been working hard writing fresh and relevant content for all areas of the internet. It’s about time we show off their skills!

We have created amazing profiles for each and every one of our writers. These profiles showcase their areas of expertise and keep their performance stats updated in real time, making it easier than ever to find the perfect content writer for your website.

Helpful information you now have access to:

  1. Mini Bio- These were created custom by each writer. This area outlines their education, experience, and unique value to Crowd Content clients.
  2. Quality Star Level– You can see whether the writer is 1,2,3, or 4 star quality level. This is determined by our rating algorithm that uses real time performance.
  3. Category Badges– If the writer has badges at the top of their profile, it means they are among the top 10 writers in that specific category.
  4. Testimonials and Recent Ratings– A real time ticker provides all recent ratings and reviews by clients.
  5. Category Performance– This shows how many orders the writer has completed in a specific category. It also shows their average client rating (out of 5) for that category.
  6. Writer Statistics- This area displays the number of words and orders the writer has written on the Crowd Content platform. It also shows how many orders the writer currently has in progress and their average words per hour (WPH).
  7. Writing Samples- Part of the writer application process is providing us with a sample of their writing capabilities from a predetermined category. The writer sample shown in the profiles is from the application process.

It’s a win-win. Clients are now able to search through our ‘crowd’ of content writers and pick the one(s) whose qualifications best suit their content requirements. Writers now have their great work on display for potential clients to view.

We hope you enjoy this feature! Stay tuned for cool new features being released over the coming months!