Feature Friday: Different Ways to Export Your Content | Part 1

Happy Friday! This week Curtis reveals the many ways you can export your content from within your Crowd Content account.

You have a number of different options to choose from.

  1. Copy HTML – Content formatted in HTML. This is a great tool if you are placing your content on your website.
  2. Copy Text – This tool put your content into notepad to be placed wherever you need it.
  3. Download Documents – Use this tool to download your content as a word document.
  4. Constant Contact – Enables you to export your content directly into an email in your Constant Contact account.
  5. Mail Chimp – Similar to constant contact, you can export your content directly into an email campaign or create a new one.
  6. Bigcommerce – Product descriptions? No problem. Use our Bigcommerce integration to export descriptions directly to your store.
  7. WordPress – Any content you have created that needs to be uploaded into WordPress can be done directly from. 

Next week on Feature Friday, we will demonstrate how you can export major batches of content as zip and CSV files.