How to: Order Content

  1. Start a new order by clicking “Create Order”.
  2. Add Instructions for the writer
  3. Review the Order Summary
  4. Confirm and place your order

Mandatory fields

Select one of our 55+ categories. This field labels your content order and allows the writers to identify the overall topic of the order.

Instructions for the writer
Type instructions into the text field for the writer to complete your request. The more details you give, the better outcome you will receive.

You are free to give as much information as needed, for example:

Read our best practices guide for writing good instructions.

Order Access
Crowd Content offers three access types for orders; Open, Team, and Direct. To learn more about our content types click here.

Word Count
Type the word count for the article. For long blog posts, we typically recommend between 500-1500 words. The minimum word count on the order is fully enforced and the writer will not be able to deliver content to you that is less than the provided count.

Optional Fields

Publish URL
Insert the link of the page where your text will be published; writers will be able to review your current content and mimic your style and tone of voice. This is also helpful from a research perspective, it will allow the writer to get more familiar with your business before they start writing.

Example URL
Add in up to 3 example urls. These can be examples of content that you’d like them to emulate, competitor sites, or resources for the writer to use and reference while writing your content.

You also have the option of adding additional details in the notes section.

Editing and Proofreading
Adding on an extra set of eyes to your order is as easy as adding on editing. A professional editor will review your content after the first draft is submitted by your writer. The editor will facilitate revision requests and corrections before submitting the content for your review.

Recurring Order Schedule
Is are you ordering a Weekly newsletter or a Daily blog on a general topic? By adding in a recurring schedule, the Crowd Content platform will automatically place a copy of your order for you.

The key to the success of this tool is generalized instructions. For example, your order title may be something like “Daily Blog Post on Content Marketing”.

Insert up to 3 keywords or key phrases. The keyword should not include any special characters. If there are specific restrictions regarding keyword usage, please include those details in the written instructions.

Target Audience
Help the writer identify WHO will be reading this content. Are they industry experts, prospective clients, existing audience base?

Suggested Outbound Link
If there are specific links you would like your writer to include pleases add them here along with any specific words you’d like them linked to.

Type a reference ID you can use to reach your content.

Include Metadata
Select “yes” on this option if you’d like your writer to create a meta title and description. If you have provided keywords in the section above those keywords will populate here. The meta description is limited to 100 characters and will be included in your overall word count.

By default all orders are placed with US English as the written language requirement, if you need content written in UK, Canadian, Australian English you can use the drop-down menu to specify.

We also offer content in 9 languages other than English including French and Spanish.

If you have a specific language project please reach out to the Crowd Content Support team and we will pair you up with a custom language writer.

Writer’s Point of View

Let the writer know how you’d like your reader to read your content. For example, if you were ordering a personal blog you may ask the writer to write it from a 1st person perspective (I walked my dog to the park) instead of 3rd (Julie walked the dog to the park).

Tone of voice
Tell the writer what kind of tone they should use in the text; it will determine HOW the writer should convey the information.


  • Fun
  • Informative
  • Light-Hearted
  • Professional
  • Serious
  • Witty

Purpose Of Content
You can select a purpose of the content.

  • Entertain
  • Inform
  • Promote
  • Sell

Call to Action
Adding in a call to action will encourage your readers to take action after reading your content.

Revieweing Your Order

Review your order to make sure everything looks correct, and click the Place Order button when you are ready to send your request.

If you have enough credits in your account, the system will automatically put put the funds on hold until the content is ready to accept.

If you do not have enough credits on your account, click the orange“Deposit Funds” button. A window will pop up, and inform you that you do not have enough credits on your balance and you can go to the Billing section for it.

Your order will be “Saved for Later” and you can get back to it by navigating to your “Content” tab.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve placed your order, you are all set!
The next avalible writer will claim your order and get started on creating content. If it’s been a day or two and you haven’t seen any progress made on your order please don’t hesitate to reach out to support and we can help get your order claimed.

You can track the status of all your orders on your Content tab.

Updated on April 6, 2022

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