Crowd Content’s Stance on AI-Generated Content

Crowd Content on AI written content

Artificial intelligence has become a hot topic in the digital space in recent months. At Crowd Content, we’re excited to embrace this opportunity to better serve our current and future clients. And while we see numerous ways that AI can both create content and assist in making the process for human-written content more efficient, rest assured, we will not replace our current offerings that include high-quality content written by skilled people.

We help small to large businesses produce high-quality, people-first content, and we’ve been doing it for more than a decade. Our clients choose us because our people take the time to learn their needs and those of their audience and deliver content that serves both. 

AI can produce somewhat decent content when viewed at a glance, but a deeper look shows the lack of depth, research, and insight that only a human can create. In fact, in a recent Crowd Content fireside chat, Lily Ray, a highly respected and well-known SEO strategist, remarked that if everyone were to start publishing AI content, it would all be similar and lack the uniqueness good content needs. Search engines value unique content that solves the searcher’s query and is created for people and backed by research, data, and expertise.

In terms of search, Google hasn’t condemned AI-generated content. But what they have said is clear. Regardless of how it’s produced, their algorithm rewards high-quality content that follows E-E-A-T and helpful content principles, especially when it comes to “your money, your life” (YMYL) content. Since AI can only regurgitate what it sees online, its content will add little value to what already exists. 

We’re working tirelessly with our writers, editors, and subject matter experts to ensure the content we deliver to our clients is written, edited, and reviewed by humans. Those who expect human-written content will receive it, guaranteed. We’re currently in the process of integrating technology to help us deliver that assurance at scale. 

But despite this strong stance, we do recognize that AI has fantastic upside when used properly.

How Crowd Content is Adopting AI:

It’s a new toy; we get it. We understand that many of you want to give it a go with AI, and we firmly believe that there are use cases for it — beginning in strategy and ideation all the way through to preparation and production. To better serve you in those areas, we’ll be releasing new AI products and services in the coming weeks, including: 

  • SEO-driven topical research
  • SEO-driven content brief creation
  • SEO-optimized first draft (full content draft generated by an AI operator)
  • Human editing of AI content

These all-in-one-place services help you ideate, generate, and optimize content using AI without jumping between tools and providers — and at an affordable price.

The search landscape and content marketing will continue to evolve, as it always has, over the coming months. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is moving to an AI-powered model, and Google is set to release Bard, its own version of a conversational chatbot powered by LaMDA. These releases, along with the expected advancements that time brings, demand that marketers and content creators evolve too. 

At Crowd Content, we intend to do just that — but without losing sight of what’s truly important to our clients. We will continue to produce outstanding human-written content for clients whose futures depend very heavily on it, and we’ll use AI to serve clients where AI products make sense. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our new AI services.

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