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VICTORIA, BC, May 4, 2021 – Crowd Content Media, a leading content creation service provider that helps global brands create high-quality, large-scale content, is pleased to welcome Cathy Fernandes, President and CEO of Mr. & Mrs. Jones Inc., to its Board of Directors.

“The strength of our Board lies in the fact that it comprises professionals who have a passion for the content creation industry and the experience to back up their thoughts and ideas,” says Carlos Meza, President and CEO of Crowd Content. “With her passion, energy, and experience, Cathy fits that bill.” 

A seasoned marketing, advertising, and digital strategy professional, Fernandes has had her finger on the pulse of industry trends for 25+ years. This, combined with her understanding of customer needs and her enthusiastic engagement in Crowd Content’s platform, augments the company’s ability to execute a long-term growth strategy that will continue to enhance the value proposition of its simple yet powerful content creation process.

Digital content is becoming increasingly vital to brands looking to expand their reach. According to IBISWorld, internet traffic has been growing at an annual rate of 26.4%, and in 2020 alone, eCommerce grew by 44%. For eight consecutive years, Crowd Content has achieved significant year-over-year revenue growth and outstanding retention metrics – testament to the growing demand for content creation solutions and, in particular, the proprietary production process that has earned Crowd Content the business of more than 8,000 clients and counting since its 2013 launch.

“Crowd Content is already helping small businesses and large enterprises create high volumes of quality content in an extremely cost-effective manner,” says Fernandes, “and their long-term strategy promises to be an even bigger game-changer for digital marketers. I’m excited to play a role in bringing that strategy to life.”

Committed to strengthening its client base, freelancer base, talent team, and technology, Crowd Content is actively looking to partner with content platform providers and content creation agencies interested in taking the industry to new heights and welcomes enquiries. 

About Crowd Content

Founded in 2013, Crowd Content Media is a leading content creation service provider based in Victoria, BC. Its global platform connects talented writers and editors with businesses in need of high-quality, publish-ready content at scale. To date, Crowd Content has served more than 8,000 enterprise and SMB customers across 81 countries through its cloud portal, which provides self-serve and fully managed content services.


For further information: Carlos Meza, President & CEO, Crowd Content: 888.983.3103 , [email protected]

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