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Editing and Proofreading Services for Existing Content Now Available

When we released editing and proofreading services for self-serve clients in March of this year, many of you asked if you could have your existing content edited and proofread. At the time, the feature only let you add editing and proofreading services to new content writing orders.

Today, we have good news. We just released a new feature that lets self-serve clients have any existing content edited and proofread by professional editors on the Crowd Content platform.

The feature is easy to use, and the way you place an order for editing and proofreading services is similar to the way you already place writing orders.

How to Order Editing and Proofreading Services for Existing Content

Create Order

Hover on the “down arrow” of the green Create Order button in your Crowd Content client account. You’ll notice there is a new order type listed in the dropdown menu called Editing & Proofreading.

Click Editing & Proofreading to continue.

Add Existing Content

At the top of this order form, select a Folder for the order. On the next step, use the tools to add the existing content that you would like edited.

You can add your existing content in three ways:


Copy and paste your content into the text area provided. When done, click Upload Text.


If you have a doc or docx file, use the Upload tab to upload your file. After you have selected your file, click Upload File.


This option is for adding content with HTML. Copy and paste your HTML into the text area provided. When done, click Upload HTML.

Note: If you would like to add formatted content, please use the Upload or HTML options. Using the Text option will omit any formatting.

After uploading the content, you will see a preview of the content you have added. Review to ensure the content has been added properly. You can also review the word count at this point.

Enter Instructions for Editor

Just like when you place a writing order, you can provide instructions and extra information to the editor to guide him or her so that the finished product meets your needs.

Different clients have different goals when having their existing content edited and proofread. Because of this, focus on providing clear and concise instruction to your editor so that he or she understands exactly what you’re looking for.

Fill out as many of the supporting fields as possible. These fields, like Publish URL, Example URL(s) and the Advanced Options, ensure that you and your editor are on the same page.

Select a Word Count Range

The order form will automatically suggest a word count range based on the content you have already added. However, if you’d like to adjust that word count, you can do so here.

In this section, you can also select which editor(s) will have access to your order.

You have three options: Open, Team, or Direct.


The order is available to all qualified editors. The first editor who decides to claim the job will be the one to review your content.


The order is only available to editors you have placed on a Team that you created in the “Writers” section of your account before you placed the order.


The order is only available to a single editor that you select.

If you haven’t worked with an editor before or have not arranged anything with your Customer Success Manager, we recommend selecting Open. All editors in the pool have passed a thorough application and test specific to editing and proofreading, so your content will be in good hands.

Place Your Order

Review your information, click Place Order, and you’re done!

What Happens Next?

Your order will be available to the editor(s) you selected.

If you selected Open or Team, the first qualified editor interested in the job will claim it. If you selected Direct, it will go directly to that editor.

The editor will then review the content for correct spelling, grammar and formatting and anything else you listed in your instructions.

The editor will correct any issues found and submit the content back to you for final review and acceptance.

At this time, you will have the option to accept the content or send it back for revision. If you send it back for revision, the editor will revise based on your feedback and then submit it back to you for review. This workflow will continue until you are satisfied with the content.


We hope this new editing and proofreading feature will help you improve any existing content that you may need a second set of eyes on. If you have questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or the support team.

Crowd Content Media Appoints Industry Veteran as Director of QA and Production

Victoria, BC, September 14, 2016: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, announced today that it has appointed Lisa Rohner as Director of Quality Assurance (QA) and Enterprise Production. The move supports Crowd Content’s commitment to, and continued development of, its enterprise and high-volume content creation services.

With more than 20 years of experience in consumer research and brand marketing for global brands such as Smirnoff, Jose Cuervo, and Baileys, Rohner brings a wealth of experience to the young and growing company. Specifically, over the last ten years, she managed the production of high-volume content creation programs for top  retailers such as Cooking.com, Williams-Sonoma, and Staples, where she was responsible for delivering thousands of publish-ready content pieces.

“Anyone who sits down with Lisa for five minutes realizes she was born and bred for this role,” said Crowd Content CEO, Clayton Lainsbury. “When it comes to quality assurance and content production in general, there is no replacement for experience. That’s what Lisa brings. She understands that great content turns shoppers into customers. More importantly, she knows how to deliver that content at scale to brands and retailers.”

Rohner saw promise in Crowd Content when she compared it to other companies in the space. “I’ve been in this business for a long time, and Crowd Content impressed me straightaway as it doesn’t operate on the ‘good enough’ principle,” stated Rohner. “Its dedication to becoming a best-in-class enterprise content platform makes it clear that this company will become the leader in the managed content space.”

Based in the New York City area, the addition of Rohner also adds an East Coast presence to the Victoria, BC based Crowd Content. This announcement comes shortly after Crowd Content released its first half earnings for 2016, where it reported 44% revenue growth over the same period in 2015, crediting much of its growth to increased enterprise business.

About Crowd Content: Crowd Content is a content creation company based in Victoria, BC that helps brands and agencies create online marketing content at scale. The company is backed by well-known angel investors including Todd Dunlop (founder of Neverblue Media and RingPartner) and James DeGreef (founder of GenoLogics and Tectoria Venture Partners). For more information, visit www.crowdcontent.com.

Crowd Content Media Releases First Half Results for 2016

Victoria, BC, August 10, 2016: Crowd Content Media, a professional content writing service that helps businesses create content at any scale, released their first half results for 2016. The company continues to realize revenue and customer growth in the thriving, but competitive, content marketing space.

Crowd Content reported top line revenue growth of 44% for the first half of 2016 over the same period in 2015. They also report that prepaid revenue (payments by customers for services in advance) has risen by the same percentage, indicating that revenue growth for the remainder of 2016 should continue.

Crowd Content’s founder and CEO, Clayton Lainsbury, says the growth is a combination of their self-serve platform’s outstanding performance and a new influx of enterprise business. “It’s exciting to see the growth come from two parts of our business. On one hand, we have our self-serve marketplace where customers can interact with and hire content creators all on their own, with our easy-to-use platform. This marketplace helps thousands of customers create content on virtually any topic — and it happens quickly, with the average turnaround time for a 360-word document only one hour. On the other hand, we’ve also grown the enterprise side of our business where we help retailers and hyper-localized companies manage high-volume projects, creating a thousand or more pieces of content per week.”

Crowd Content attributes their unique, gamified approach and proprietary technology as drivers for all aspects of the business. By rewarding content creators for positive results (like high ratings and quick turnaround times) and by keeping the process fun and engaging (through game-like concepts such as leveling up, bonuses and status), Crowd Content is able to motivate its workforce on a higher level than platforms that rely on pay only for motivation.

These results come shortly after Crowd Content was recognized as a finalist for “Emerging Technology Company of the Year” and “Employee of the Year” (Matt Martin) at the 2016 VIATeC Technology Awards. In the second half of 2016, Crowd Content plans to continue focusing on growing its enterprise business and anticipates further growth into 2017.

About Crowd Content: Crowd Content is a content creation company based in Victoria, BC that helps brands and agencies create online marketing content at scale. The company is backed by well-known angel investors including Todd Dunlop (founder of Neverblue Media and RingPartner) and James DeGreef (founder of GenoLogics and Tectoria Venture Partners). For more information, visit www.crowdcontent.com.

Crowd Content Releases Powerful Content Marketing Platform for Businesses

Over the last 6 months, the team at Crowd Content has been listening to feedback from the content creation world. We’ve heard from existing clients, would-be clients, and writers, all telling us what they need to execute successful content strategies.

We’ve taken this feedback and infused it into the brand new Crowd Content – a robust and intuitive content creation platform.

The new platform replaces the old one and offers more control managing content orders, greater ability managing your freelance writers, and, overall, is a lot easier to use.

A full tutorial of the new Crowd Content is below. If you don’t have a Crowd Content client account yet, we suggest you create one and check it out. It’s free to sign up and look around.


Your new Dashboard makes it easy and quick to see what’s happening with your recent content orders.


Recent Activity

Easily view recent activity on your account. We’ve added intuitive icons that tell you when orders are placed, picked up by writers, dropped by writers, or ready for review. Simply hover over an activity item to see quick actions you can perform for that order.

Order Status Shortcuts

Just above your recent activity, we list all orders you currently have for each status. Just click on a status, like “Ready” for example, to see all orders that currently have that status.

Easy Access to Create Orders and Add Funds

You’ll notice that the green Create Order and Add Funds buttons are shown in the same place on every page. This makes it easy to find these commonly used actions, saving you time and frustration.

Featured Blog Posts

We’re starting to publish more and more great content at our blog, Crowd Content Resources. On your Dashboard, we list the 4 most recent blog posts to keep you updated on content marketing trends, how-tos, and Crowd Content updates.

Notification Menu

A new feature we’ve added is the Notification Menu. You can view this menu by clicking on the small “notepad” to the right of your account balance.

Dashboard - Notification Menu

The Notification Menu keeps you up to date on all happenings with your account. For example, we’ll add new notifications when you receive messages from writers or when orders become ready for review.

Help Menu – Your Client Account Manager

Click the “question mark” icon that is next to the Notification Menu to view your dedicated Client Account Manager’s contact info.

Dashboard - Account Manager

All clients at Crowd Content get a dedicated Client Account Manager regardless of how big or small you are. Use your account manager to help with system support or to give guidance on content strategy.

My Account Menu

In the top right of your screen, you’ll see your profile image or a default image if you haven’t added a profile image. Click this image to view your My Account Menu.

Dashboard - My Account Menu

You can manage your account and navigate to important areas of the website from this menu. Here is a list of the menu items described:

  • Edit Image (hover over image) – allows you to add a new profile image or crop your existing one
  • Add Funds – allows you to add funds to your account
  • Account Information – allows you to update your contact information
  • Deposit History – shows you the funding history on your account
  • Low Funds Notification – allows you to set a low funds threshold. If your account balance falls below this amount, we will send you an email notification
  • Change Password – allows you to change the password on your account
  • FAQ – brings you to the frequently asked questions from Crowd Content clients
  • App Directory – allows you to install apps and connect your Crowd Content account to partner services
  • Sign Out – safely signs you out of Crowd Content

Writer Management – Profile Images and Pen Names

One of the biggest upgrades to the new Crowd Content platform is the way you see and work with your writers.

Writer Profile

For every writer you interact with, you now see their profile image and their Pen Name. You can also hover over a writer’s image anytime you see it to bring up a mini writer profile.

When viewing the writer’s profile, you can see his or her rating (from 1 to 4 stars) and perform the following key tasks:

  • Blacklist Writer – blacklisting a writer means that the writer will no longer have access to any new orders you post
  • Send Direct Order to Writer – this automatically takes you to a new order form with the writer pre-selected. The new order will then be sent directly to this writer.

My Content – A Comprehensive Order Management Tool

In the old Crowd Content, you had My Orders – an area that simply listed your orders. In the new Crowd Content, you have My Content – a tool that not only lists your orders, but allows you to perform advanced filtering actions and organize your content into folders.

My Content - Expanded View

Quick Actions Give You More Control

Hover over any order to see available actions for that order. Quickly Copy, Edit, Pause or Delete an Order. Or view the History of that order to date.

Progress Indicator

Easily see how much progress your writer has made on your order. The percentage shown is based on the number of words written by your writer as a percentage of the maximum word count you specified for the order.

Note: the progress indicator is replaced with the rating you gave the writer for that order once the order is Completed.

Colored Status Labels

We make it easy for you to know what’s happening with each order by listing colored status labels. As you use Crowd Content, you become familiar with the colors and know quickly what status each order is in.

Robust Filtering Options

The filtering options here are flat out amazing. Filter by:

  • Status – see only orders in a certain status, like “Ready” for example
  • Folder – see only orders in a certain folder
  • Quality – see only orders placed at a certain Quality Level
  • Writer – see only orders from one or multiple writers
  • Rating – see only orders you gave a certain rating to. For example, view all Completed orders that you rated as Excellent. Then use those writers for future work.
  • Date – see only orders from a certain date range

You can also combine any of the above filters together to mine deeper into your content. To clear all filters, simply click the refresh icon to the right of the date range filter.

Batch Controls Save You Time

Click the check boxes to the left of the orders to perform batch controls. Current batch controls available are Accept, Delete, and Pause.

Drag and Drop to Organize Content into Folders

Want to move a content order to another folder? Easy! Just hover to the left of the check box on any order and then click and drag the order to a folder on the left.

Condensed View for Power Users

Are you managing a lot of content? We make it easy for power users to get the job done. Click the button with 4 lines on it to the right of “Display” in the top right.

My Content - Condensed View

This brings up a condensed view that lets you see more orders at one time. Despite the view being condensed, you don’t lose any functionality. Simply click the “gear” symbol to the right of any order to access all available actions for that order.

Chat with Your Writer – Communication Is Key to Project Success

We’ve made it easy to communicate with your writers by offering an instant messaging feature. Chat with your writer while you review his first draft and let him know what you think. This feature also helps when one side needs to clarify the instructions, limiting needed revisions and saving you valuable time.

Review and Accept - With Chat

Projects Are Now Called Folders

A small change made on the new platform is that Projects are now called Folders. Folders behave in the same way that Projects did on the old platform – they are simply a way for you to organize your content orders.

Folders - My Content

If you have several websites, or have a large website with several sections, you can create a folder for each website or section.

If you’re an agency, create a folder for each of your clients.

Advanced Order Management – Even More Control!

As you may have noticed, a big theme built into the new Crowd Content is maximizing control over your ordering and management processes.

After placing an order, enjoy the following tools that give you full control with every content order you place:

  • Edit Orders – this is a huge upgrade over the old platform. You can now edit an order provided that it is still in Placed status. Edit an order to change the word count, title, instructions, or anything else. The only thing you can’t edit as of now is the Content Type (from Custom to Tweets to Facebook Posts).
  • Pause Orders – this is another new feature. You can now pause an order. This simply puts the order on hold without deleting it. You can then unpause the order when you’re ready to put it live again. Note: if you pause an order that is “Being Written”, the order will not be paused unless/if the current writer drops the order.
  • Copy Orders – click Copy if you want to create an order with similar details as a previous order. By clicking Copy, an order form will appear with the exact same details and instructions as the order you clicked Copy from. You can then make any changes you want and place the order as a new order.
  • View History – clicking History will show you the status history of the order. For example, it will show you when the order was placed, picked up by a writer, dropped by a writer, ready for review, and completed. This can help when trouble shooting an order.
  • Delete Orders – you can delete any order that is still in Placed status.

Order History

A More Sophisticated Content Ordering Form

The new order form is still very similar to the previous order form, but offers a few key advantages.

Order Form - Direct Order - Tweets

Content Type – Now Order Tweets or Facebook Posts!

Before, there was no specific Content Type for Tweets or Facebook Posts. You had to request a large word count range and then ask the writer to create as many Tweets or Facebook Posts as they could within the word count. This was confusing and lacked quality control; character counts were not monitored.

In the new Crowd Content, we’ve introduced the Content Type. You now have the following content types to choose from:

  • Custom – this is exactly what we offered before. If you want a blog post, product description, article, page for your website, or any type of content other than Tweets or Facebook posts, choose Custom.
  • Tweets – choose this type if you want Tweets for your Twitter campaigns. When writers are working on Tweets, all character counts are monitored and are guaranteed to be between 15 and 140 characters.
  • Facebook Posts – choose this type if you want Facebook Posts for your Facebook page. When writers are working on Facebook Posts, all character counts are monitored and are guaranteed to be between 100 and 300 characters.

Order Type – Open to Crowd or Direct with Writer

The new order form makes it easy to send orders directly to your preferred writer.

Choose Open Order if you want to make your order available to all qualified writers (based on your order criteria).

Choose Direct Order if you want to place your order directly with a preferred writer. A dropdown menu will appear to your right with the images and names of writers you have previously worked with.

More Control over Processing Time

If you have an order that requires a lot of research or extra work, you can now give your writer extra time. Simply open the Advanced Options and then adjust the Processing Time.

App Directory – Your Workflow Just Got More Efficient

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Crowd Content App Directory! We’ve partnered with some pretty big names to connect your content with services you already use.

App Directory

After installing an app on your Crowd Content account, you can use it by going to the Tools and Apps tab of any Completed order. From here, you can use your apps to send completed content to partner services.

Currently, the App Directory has the following apps:

ShopWriters (Shopify)

Image showing Shopify logo Shopify has everything you need to create your own ecommerce store. ShopWriters is an app that is built directly into your Shopify admin panel. To use this app, you need to have a Shopify account.

The ShopWriters App allows you to:

  • Order content for Product Descriptions or Blog Posts from your Shopify admin panel
  • Automatically publish completed content to your store (no copying or pasting!)
  • Manage thousands of Product Descriptions with ease (no spreadsheets!)


WordPress is free web software that allows you to create a beautiful website or blog. Connect your Crowd Content account to your WordPress website or blog to:

  • Automatically send completed content to your blog or website (no more copying or pasting!)
  • Set content to draft status or to publish instantly
  • Manage multiple blogs or websites by connecting multiple WordPress accounts

Constant Contact

Constant Contact LogoConstant Contact helps small organizations grow their businesses by providing email, event, and other online marketing tools. Use the Constant Contact App to:

  • Send completed content directly to your Constant Contact account
  • Create a new email campaign for your completed content


MailChimp makes it easy for marketers to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and track campaign performance. Use the MailChimp App to:

  • Send completed content directly to your MailChimp account
  • Create a new email campaign for your completed content


Image showing Hootsuite logoHootSuite is a leading social media dashboard that helps you manage and measure your social networks.

Crowd Content is fully integrated with your HootSuite account. After connecting your Crowd Content account with your HootSuite account, you will be able to place, review, and accept Crowd Content orders from within your HootSuite Dashboard!

Use the HootSuite App to:

  • Automatically send completed Tweets, Facebook Posts, or other content to your HootSuite Dashboard
  • Send completed content to streams like Twitter, Facebook and WordPress from your HootSuite Dashboard

My Schedules – Automating the Content Creation Process

Looking to automate your content creation process? Is the scheduling tools built into Crowd Content.

Content Scheduler

To create a new schedule, simply create an order and enable the schedule for that order. Then, to view and manage existing schedules, click on My Schedules in the main header.

To learn more about scheduling orders and to learn best practices for using the scheduler, please read Automating Content Creation: 5 Best Practices for Using Schedules.

Thank You, Clients and Writers!

We want to send a huge thank you to all of our clients and writers. We couldn’t have put this amazing content creation platform together without your feedback and support. We truly feel that a positive content community is coming together around Crowd Content and we’re just happy to be a part of it.

As always, if you see any bugs or have feedback about the new platform, please contact support or your friendly Client Account Manager. Thanks!