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Crowd Content Launches Subject Matter Expert Network to Support Expert Content Creation

Victoria, BC, December 1 2021: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, is pleased to launch its new subject matter expert (SME) network and accompanying SME review service aimed at helping marketers create expert-level content at any scale. 

“We’ve heard our clients, who are some of the web’s most talented marketers, loud and clear – they need expert level content to rank well in Google and impress their readers,” says Rick Leach, Content Director at Crowd Content. “That can be really challenging. Finding an expert is tough, but finding enough to keep up with large content creation programs is even tougher. Our SME network and review service make that easy and can keep up with even the largest content programs.” 

Today’s launch is the culmination of months of expert recruitment and technology development. Crowd Content now boasts a roster of hundreds of SMEs spanning virtually any industry and proprietary technology that matches verified experts in each client’s industry to review their custom written content. SMEs perform a final review to ensure accuracy, add their expert insights, and attach their byline (if requested). This lets clients create large volumes of expert-level content that’s authoritative, accurate, on-brand, and ready to publish. 

With a mandate to help marketers create amazing content that drives SEO results, Crowd Content will continue to develop services and technology that makes content creation more efficient and effective. 

About Crowd Content

Founded in 2013, Crowd Content Media is a leading content creation service provider based in Victoria, BC. Its global platform connects talented writers and editors with businesses in need of high-quality, publish-ready content at scale. To date, Crowd Content has served more than 8,000 enterprise and SMB customers across 81 countries through its cloud portal, which provides self-serve and fully managed content services.


For further information: Carlos Meza, President & CEO, Crowd Content: 888.983.3103 , [email protected]


VICTORIA, BC, May 4, 2021 – Crowd Content Media, a leading content creation service provider that helps global brands create high-quality, large-scale content, is pleased to welcome Cathy Fernandes, President and CEO of Mr. & Mrs. Jones Inc., to its Board of Directors.

“The strength of our Board lies in the fact that it comprises professionals who have a passion for the content creation industry and the experience to back up their thoughts and ideas,” says Carlos Meza, President and CEO of Crowd Content. “With her passion, energy, and experience, Cathy fits that bill.” 

A seasoned marketing, advertising, and digital strategy professional, Fernandes has had her finger on the pulse of industry trends for 25+ years. This, combined with her understanding of customer needs and her enthusiastic engagement in Crowd Content’s platform, augments the company’s ability to execute a long-term growth strategy that will continue to enhance the value proposition of its simple yet powerful content creation process.

Digital content is becoming increasingly vital to brands looking to expand their reach. According to IBISWorld, internet traffic has been growing at an annual rate of 26.4%, and in 2020 alone, eCommerce grew by 44%. For eight consecutive years, Crowd Content has achieved significant year-over-year revenue growth and outstanding retention metrics – testament to the growing demand for content creation solutions and, in particular, the proprietary production process that has earned Crowd Content the business of more than 8,000 clients and counting since its 2013 launch.

“Crowd Content is already helping small businesses and large enterprises create high volumes of quality content in an extremely cost-effective manner,” says Fernandes, “and their long-term strategy promises to be an even bigger game-changer for digital marketers. I’m excited to play a role in bringing that strategy to life.”


Leading Content Creation Service Provider Crowd Content Acquired by Sage Capital and Cetina Capital

Acquisition will help accelerate innovation and growth plans; Founder Clayton Lainsbury to remain on Board

Victoria, BC – January 6, 2021 — Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by an investment group that includes Canadian-based Sage Capital and Northern California-based Cetina Capital. 

Since 2011, Crowd Content has been helping brands create publish-ready content at scale. The company differs from other content providers in that the experienced production team uses several layers of quality control to ensure content matches the brand style guidelines and requirements of the organizations they work with. Crowd Content has over 6000 clients, including Lowe’s, WordPress, and 3M. 

The acquisition will help to accelerate Crowd Content’s growth plans, and will allow for investment into the platform and its capabilities. Crowd Content will utilize the investment to bring to market innovative content creation tools that leverage AI technology. 

Crowd Content Founder Clayton Lainsbury will remain involved in the business, and will hold a seat on the Board of Directors post-acquisition.


Crowd Content Drives 70% Revenue Growth in 2019

Victoria, BC, March 9, 2020: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, released details on its 2019 performance today, highlighted by revenue growth of 70%.

The company states that strong growth of its enterprise content program and outstanding retention metrics of large customers were both major contributors in 2019, propelling the company to grow top-line revenue by 70% over 2018.

Crowd Content also highlighted success with its self-serve platform, which lets businesses create large volumes of content quickly with little to no interaction from Crowd Content staff. Several self-serve customers are now creating upwards of 1,000 articles per month on the platform, realizing enterprise-like results without the use of fully managed services.

“Innovative platform upgrades and acceleration of our enterprise sales and marketing program were key to the company’s performance in 2019,” said Clayton Lainsbury, Crowd Content CEO. “Our continued efforts to optimize technology to support large-scale content projects of any kind are paying dividends by allowing organizations with high-volume, ongoing content needs to scale up and maintain quality content production. This has resulted in the retention and growth of our biggest customers.”


Crowd Content Selected as a Finalist for VIATEC’s Scale-Up of the Year Award

Victoria, BC, May 2, 2019: Crowd Content Media, a leading content writing service helping businesses create content at any scale, shared today that it has been selected as a finalist for the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council’s (VIATEC) Scale-Up of the Year Award.

The 19th annual VIATEC Awards recognize technology companies based in Victoria, BC that are excelling in their spaces and contributing to the growth of the tech industry in the region.

The Scale-Up of the Year award is focused on highlighting established companies in the Greater Victoria tech scene that are rapidly scaling operations and revenue.

“I’m thrilled to be recognized as a finalist for the Scale-Up of the Year award,” said Crowd Content CEO Clayton Lainsbury. “We did a ton of work in 2018 to drive 48% revenue growth compared to 2017, and it’s really rewarding to be recognized by our peers for those results. We’ve been active in the VIATEC community since Crowd Content was founded in 2010. We support their goal of growing the tech industry in Victoria, and it’s just a tremendous honour to have them recognize us with this nomination.”


Crowd Content Announces 48% Revenue Growth in 2018

Victoria, BC, April 2, 2019: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, released details on its 2018 performance today, highlighted by revenue growth of 48%.

The company states that its enterprise content program was a strong contributor to the growth, posting a 230% year-over-year revenue increase in 2018. Crowd Content’s enterprise program includes fully managed content creation services powered by the company’s proprietary platform. An experienced in-house project management team and a workforce of 6,000+ professional writers and editors rounds out the service, enabling Crowd Content to deliver publish-ready content at scale to clients.

“As a company, we made several important strides in 2018, but I’m especially excited about the rapid growth in our enterprise division,” said Clayton Lainsbury, Crowd Content CEO. “We’ve built a great team headed by our Director of Enterprise Production, Lisa Rohner, and they’ve done an amazing job servicing and retaining the world’s most prominent brands.”

Lainsbury added that he’s happy to see such a diverse range of clients succeeding with the enterprise program. “We’re working with major retailers, comparison shopping sites, marketing agencies, publishers and other types of businesses. Each of these clients has unique content requirements, and our flexible technology has been a big plus in helping us deliver custom solutions, which in turn produce better results.”


Crowd Content Achieves 138% Revenue Growth in January 2019 Due to Powerful New Platform Features

Victoria, BC, February 28, 2019: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today it achieved 138% revenue growth in January 2019 compared to January 2018.

The company shared that both its enterprise content division, which provides some of the world’s largest brands with fully-managed content creation services, and its self-service platform, which lets marketers connect directly with with over 6,000 professional writers, contributed to this growth.

While both divisions saw substantial growth, CEO Clayton Lainsbury highlighted that significant platform upgrades currently being beta tested by select clients have enabled publishers to scale their content in a big way on the self-service platform.

“We’re moving several key power features from our enterprise division to our self-service platform,” stated Lainsbury. “Traditionally, these tools were used only by our in-house managed services team. Now, self-service clients have direct access to these tools and it’s helping them scale their content creation efforts similar to what we’ve been doing in-house on the enterprise side.”

One of these features lets customers create structured templates and converts them to a content editor that writers work within. It allows customers to create highly detailed content at scale because each field within the template can be accompanied with specific instructions, character counts, word counts and SEO requirements. The system performs automatic quality checks to ensure all requirements are met before writers submit the work to the client.


Crowd Content Media Reports 90% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth

Victoria, BC, December 13, 2018: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, announced today year-over-year revenue growth of 90% for the first two months of Q4 2018.

During the period from October 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018, the company generated 90% more revenue than during the same period in 2017. On top of that, during September of 2018, Crowd Content generated 147% revenue growth over September of 2017.

Through its proprietary content creation platform, Crowd Content operates a self-serve marketplace and provides fully managed services for enterprise customers with large-scale projects. “We’ve seen growth this year from both business units,” stated Crowd Content CEO, Clayton Lainsbury. “It’s a good feeling when you have two well-developed revenue streams working effectively. We’re even seeing some customers leverage both self-serve and managed services, which is great.” Lainsbury indicates the revenue split between self-serve and managed services for 2018 is approximately 50%.


Content Marketplace Crowd Content Achieves Industry-Leading Performance Metrics through Gamification

Victoria, BC, November 5, 2018: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today on key performance metrics from their proprietary content marketplace.

Perhaps most impressive, Crowd Content has reported that the average turnaround time for a 432-word content order is only one hour.

The company also shared that the average rating from customers per order is 4.15 out of a possible 5.0.

These numbers were taken from a sample of the latest 300,000 orders to move through the company’s proprietary content marketplace.

“It’s exciting to share these numbers,” said Crowd Content CEO, Clayton Lainsbury. “Based on our own research, we believe this to be the fastest turnaround time for custom content creation on the Web. More importantly, though, we’re able to do it without sacrificing quality. The fact that our customer ratings remain high across such a large sample of orders shows that the content is matching and exceeding customer expectations.”


Content Marketing Startup Crowd Content Reports Double Digit Revenue Growth for 2017

Victoria, BC, January 23, 2018: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today that 2017 revenue grew 56% over 2016.

“We’re very excited to see another strong financial year to follow up from the 57% revenue growth we saw in 2016,” said Clayton Lainsbury, Crowd Content’s Founder and CEO. “Topline revenue was driven by sharp increases in enterprise business after acquiring several new Fortune 500 customers.”

The content creation company has been able to penetrate a retail segment where its services are desperately needed. Customers such as Bloomingdale’s, Michaels and 3M, to name a few, use Crowd Content to create compelling content at scale for their product pages. These large brands often have hundreds of thousands of SKUs, making it impossible for in-house teams to write, review and manage product copy on a consistent basis. Crowd Content’s enterprise service lets these brands offload those tasks and focus on their core competencies.

“Two things we’ve learned are that the world’s best brands can’t waste time managing content and can’t afford to publish subpar content,” stated Lainsbury. “Customer retention has been exceptionally high because our focus is on delivering publish-ready content. For customers, this means they save time and money by not having to review, edit and revise content before it goes live. It also means they can trust that published content is accurate and designed to sell their products.”