Crowd Content Achieves 138% Revenue Growth in January 2019 Due to Powerful New Platform Features

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Victoria, BC, February 28, 2019: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today it achieved 138% revenue growth in January 2019 compared to January 2018.

The company shared that both its enterprise content division, which provides some of the world’s largest brands with fully-managed content creation services, and its self-service platform, which lets marketers connect directly with with over 6,000 professional writers, contributed to this growth.

While both divisions saw substantial growth, CEO Clayton Lainsbury highlighted that significant platform upgrades currently being beta tested by select clients have enabled publishers to scale their content in a big way on the self-service platform.

“We’re moving several key power features from our enterprise division to our self-service platform,” stated Lainsbury. “Traditionally, these tools were used only by our in-house managed services team. Now, self-service clients have direct access to these tools and it’s helping them scale their content creation efforts similar to what we’ve been doing in-house on the enterprise side.”

One of these features lets customers create structured templates and converts them to a content editor that writers work within. It allows customers to create highly detailed content at scale because each field within the template can be accompanied with specific instructions, character counts, word counts and SEO requirements. The system performs automatic quality checks to ensure all requirements are met before writers submit the work to the client.

Lainsbury also highlighted Crowd Content’s bulk upload tool which lets clients order hundreds of content items in minutes, as well as a robust API that lets publishers instantly publish content to their content management systems. “Across these three tools, we’re able to provide publishers a solution that lets them order large volumes of content, ensure their requirements are met and then instantly publish it to their site. I’m not aware of another content service that can offer that.”

When asked to quantify how this helps publishers, Lainsbury shared that one client was able to publish over 2,500 posts in less than a year across multiple properties. “We’re seeing small publishers scale up in big ways using our ecosystem, and I’m excited to bring these new features to all our clients very soon.”

About Crowd Content: Crowd Content is a content creation company based in Victoria, BC that helps brands and agencies create online marketing content at scale. The company is backed by well-known angel investors including Todd Dunlop (founder of Neverblue Media and RingPartner) and James DeGreef (founder of GenoLogics and Tectoria Venture Partners). For more information, visit crowdcontent.com.

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