How Crowd Content Helped One Agency Increase Their Turnaround Time by 250%


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Crowd Content & RYNO Strategic Solutions:  Meeting Challenges With Communication and Quality

RYNO Strategic Solutions, a fast-growing digital marketing agency, needed a better way of meeting client turn-around times and quality needs. After considering around two dozen options, RYNO chose Crowd Content, basing its decision on factors including excellent communication and quality and the ability to support fast turn-around times. 

Find out more about RYNO’s search for a new content provider below and why it chose to partner with Crowd Content. 

The Challenge

RYNO Strategic Solutions is in an exponential growth period, bringing on numerous new clients that require thousands of pages of content a month. The demand for quality content at a fast pace and large scale overwhelmed RYNO’s previous content provider, and the team at RYNO had an aha moment. It realized that it couldn’t and shouldn’t rely on a single provider to cover all its content needs. 

What would happen, asked the RYNO team, if the current vendor kept struggling to meet quality and turn-around expectations? What would happen if the single vendor RYNO used went under or had some other issues? 

The Solution

The solution was to bring in at least one more vendor.

RYNO Strategic Solutions started to explore other options. The lead content manager began with Google searches to identify 20 to 25 potential content vendors. Some of these solutions didn’t have the option to contact sales associates on their websites—you could only start by ordering content. They didn’t make the cut. He reached out to others via email, and only around five companies responded within the first few days. Crowd Content responded within minutes.

It was the excellent communication from the very beginning that made Crowd Content stand out initially. 

“The whole team has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve never had a single bad interaction or left a meeting thinking this person didn’t know what they were talking about. It’s always been professional and kind,” says RYNO’s lead content manager.

Extraordinary communication on the part of the entire Crowd Content team wasn’t the only reason RYNO chose it as a vendor. Other reasons included:

  • Quality. Crowd Content demonstrated quality by providing on-the-house samples so RYNO knew exactly what to expect when working with Crowd Content writers. “If you’re ordering 4-star Crowd Content content,” says RYNO’s content manager, “and you look at it side-by-side with content from services like Textbroker or Writer Access, Crowd Content’s writers are better, in my opinion.”
  • Turn-around times. Turn-around was a huge driver for RYNO, and Crowd Content’s marketplace, which connects clients with thousands of freelance writers, meets or exceeds deadline needs for content.
  • Cost. While Crowd Content wasn’t the cheapest option RYNO considered, there were higher-cost options. And RYNO’s content manager feels that Crowd Content competes on quality with those higher-cost options.
  • Collaboration. From sales to customer service to development, the entire Crowd Content team has worked with RYNO. The content manager even notes that early on, the CEO had a meeting with him — not a sales pitch but a meeting that demonstrated genuine interest in RYNO’s needs and what it needed from Crowd Content. 

RYNO’s content manager also points out that he never felt like Crowd Content was selling him on a solution. Instead, he felt like the entire team was listening to his needs and concerns and then opening a transparent, human-forward dialogue about solutions. 

The Impact

“It makes my job a lot easier not to have to worry about turn-around time,” says RYNO’s content manager. After all, he has to live up to promises made to RYNO’s other teams, which in turn have promises to uphold to clients. 

Turnaround time was a huge struggle for RYNO before Crowd Content, but this partnership has alleviated much of that burden. RYNO’s average turnaround time has been 250% faster since partnering with Crowd Content, and their overall percentage of total content outsourced has shifted from 50% to 80%. 

RYNO has also seen SEO and other wins due to the high-quality content Crowd Content provides. “Quality impacts so much SEO-wise, it’s critical. We have seen improvements with SEO and conversions with Crowd Content’s content compared with lower-quality content.”

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