How Crowd Content Helped an Agency Meet Needs AI Could Not


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People-Powered Product Descriptions: A Crowd Content & TRIBBUTE Case Study

Artificial intelligence is an up-and-coming player in the content marketing world, but it can’t do everything. Find out how Crowd Content helped an agency meet client needs AI could not.

TRIBBUTE is a boutique digital marketing agency recognizing value for its clients across numerous industries. The team at TRIBBUTE is experienced in data analysis, AI, and paid marketing; however, the agency needs content writers

When the agency broadened its offerings beyond paid media, it was inevitable that high-quality content needed to be provided at scale for its clients, which is why they turned to Crowd Content’s marketplace solution.

The Problem

As TRIBBUTE expanded, the team realized it needed a way to offer clients’ copy for products and SEO pages. This was not an internal core competency, nor was it cost-effective for the agency to invest in a dedicated resource to manage this functionality.

To solve this issue, TRIBBUTE tested several options: 

  • Connecting with freelancers on marketplaces such as Fiverr. Once the team knew it needed human writers, it connected with potential writers on platforms such as Fiverr. However, the lack of consistent processes and a management layer over freelancers with these solutions wasn’t scalable and didn’t work for TRIBBUTE’s needs.
  • Scaling up with Crowd Content’s client marketplace. Ultimately, TRIBBUTE settled on meeting its scaled content needs with Crowd Content’s marketplace solution. 

The Solution

The criteria TRIBBUTE had in mind when vetting solutions included:

  • Consistency in the process
  • Access to writers with experience in specific niches, such as vehicle and technical product detail
  • High-quality content with an ability to scale

Crowd Content’s marketplace solution provided seamlessly for all these needs. The customer success manager assigned to TRIBBUTE’s account worked closely with the TRIBBUTE team to build qualified writing teams and set up style guides for its account. TRIBBUTE had not previously worked with style guides and now uses them as a best practice. The CSM also helped them set up bulk order processes to create even more efficiencies.

The TRIBBUTE team also says they were “wowed” by the quality delivered by Crowd Content’s writers, especially for tasks with high levels of technical specificity. TRIBBUTE has e-commerce clients that sell items such as motorcycle helmets and semi-truck parts. The content written by Crowd Content writers for these technical parts and products easily passed quality checks by the clients.

The Impact

With Crowd Content’s robust writer database and scalable processes, TRIBBUTE can approach growth and client demands more confidently. Our clients have ever-increasing dependencies on the quality of their product feeds and do not have the time to write unique and meaningful content for each product. With Crowd Content, we can easily scale product descriptions and other content requirements for hundreds or thousands of products.

TRIBBUTE has also seen measurable success when using Crowd Content, including higher indexing of client pages in the search engines. 

“With paid media and paid search, teams can eventually hit a wall where opportunities for increased performance are slim,” says Konechny. “We can’t grow the campaigns anymore because the traditional opportunities aren’t there. But we found that if we changed the product feed, we could increase performance.”

By applying content written by Crowd Content writers to those product feeds, TRIBBUTE has seen the following results:

  • ~25% increase in organic impressions over 30 days
  • Between 9-18% traffic increase to content-enhanced pages
  • Between 6-25% increase in paid media traffic through product content enhancements
  • Between 5-8% increase in conversions from content-enhanced product pages

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