Crowd Content Helps Furniture E-retailer Meet SEO Copy Demands

Living Spaces

Industry: Retail

Unique product descriptions are critical to SEO success for e-commerce stores, but they can also be a challenge to create. Discover how Crowd Content helped one company succeed with SEO copy.

Living Spaces & Crowd Content: Successful Product Descriptions at Scale

Living Spaces is a physical and e-commerce furniture store with hundreds of designs and styles to choose from. It sells living room, dining room and bedroom furniture as well as mattresses, home office pieces, rugs, decor, outdoor living items and furniture for kids and teens.

The team at Living Spaces knew that search engine optimization was essential to bringing people to its e-commerce site and product pages. Find out why this furniture retailer turned to Crowd Content and how the marketplace solution benefited it.

The Problem

Living Spaces had one in-house SEO writer charged with creating the content required to compete in search engines. But the business needed a lot of content—product descriptions for hundreds of SKUs at a time. It was apparent one writer couldn’t keep up with the scale, so Living Spaces began to search for a partner.

The first content writing service Living Spaces worked with didn’t meet the company’s quality needs and was not a budget-friendly choice. The service charged a monthly fee on top of fees for each piece of content. 

Living Spaces began to look elsewhere for a solution. Crowd Content’s pricing structure was competitive, and it met the selection criteria. Living Spaces needed:

  • High-quality product SEO copy about furniture and home goods 
  • The ability to scale content creation to hundreds of pages at a time
  • A price that worked with its budget
  • A content provider that could meet turn-around times

The Solution

After a brief trial, it was obvious Crowd Content did meet all of the requirements. Reasons that Living Spaces quickly settled on Crowd Content included:

  • Content quality. Using the four-star writer quality level, Living Spaces received high-quality SEO content that met style and keyword requirements.
  • Turn-around times. According to the Living Spaces content manager, this is a top reason for recommending Crowd Content. “If you need content delivered right away, this is the service for you because the turn-around time is great.”
  • An easy-to-use interface. Living Spaces selected the self-managed marketplace option and found the interface fairly intuitive and easy to use. Crowd Content’s folders option helped Living Spaces keep past orders organized and accessible.
  • Writer communication. The ability to message writers allowed Living Spaces to communicate needs and work with writers to ensure utmost quality. In general, writers were receptive to feedback and even reached out for it when they weren’t sure they understood instructions.
  • Account support. The few times Living Spaces had any issues with the process, its customer success manager was able to solve the problem quickly. 

The Impact

Living Spaces experienced a huge increase in the amount of SEO copy it could publish at once, which impacted the whole team and content marketing process positively. Before the Crowd Content solution, category managers at Living Spaces that ordered content sometimes had to wait for copy. With the outsourced content solution, it’s a much faster turn-around time.

This has also led to better performance for product pages. The team can publish hundreds of SEO product descriptions for a category in one day and see quick results for that category.

And compared to other solutions, including the first content company Living Spaces trialed as well as writing all the copy in-house, Crowd Content saves the team a lot of time and money.

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