How to Choose Ghost Writers for Hire

Ghost Writers for Hire

Let’s face it – content marketing requires a bit of effort. Okay – a lot of effort, if done right. Many companies really struggle to keep up with the demands of a complete content marketing strategy.

When business starts to take off, these companies find they need to focus more energy on actually running the business. They then have less time for creating the content that pulls in new prospects.

In this situation, ghost writers for hire can fill the gap. These writers can help pump out the content that draws new leads while you and your company focus on your core capabilities and existing customers.

So How Do You Choose The Right Ghost Writers for Hire?

On the Internet, you can choose from thousands of ghost writers all over the world. You may be tempted to simply compare prices and go with the least expensive bidder, but beware that several other factors matter more than fees.


A ghost writer must be able to write in a voice that will appeal to your target audience or your content marketing strategy will fail. Hiring overseas writers at rock bottom prices is today’s equivalent of being “penny wise but pound foolish.” The money you save will fade away when your marketing pieces fail to connect with the readers you hoped to attract.

Choose a ghost writer who can mimic your audience’s grammar and word choices. If this writer can mimic your voice, that is even better.


Lowest-bidder hiring practices create an inconsistent voice for your marketing pieces. Some organizations end up spending as much time hiring new writers and editing their content as they once spent creating content in house, all in the name of finding the lowest price.

Strive to connect with a writer or group of writers who know your standards and can deliver the words you need. Then work out a long-term arrangement to provide a consistent voice for your target customer.


Writing does not scale very well. A writer who produces 3000 words a day probably cannot double his output on demand. When choosing a ghost writer to hire, make sure he can deliver the volume you anticipate.

Some writers band together so that they can offer the scale and stability businesses expect. Your company may find that an agency with several writers can provide the quality you seek with the reliability your organization needs.


Of course, price matters. Although you might like to spend whatever it takes to find the perfect ghost writer for your business, you have a budget. Be honest about your budget from the beginning, and you can save your organization a lot of time and trouble fielding proposals that are out of your range.

The current economy is volatile. Your organization must be ready to seize opportunities as they arise. Finding the perfect ghost writer for hire can give you that extra boost you need to stay on track with your content marketing strategy and still run your day-to-day business effectively.


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Clayton is the Founder and CEO at Crowd Content, a content marketplace for clients and high performance writers. He enjoys writing about marketing ideas and content trends.

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