How Crowd Content Helped One Agency Increase Their Client’s Average Page View to a Whopping 6 Minutes


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Crowd Content & seoplus+: A Case Study

When seoplus+, an award-winning marketing agency, needed to outsource the creation of niche content that met their high standards, they turned to Crowd Content and never looked back. Recently, Juwairiya Kembo, Content Marketing Coordinator and Team Lead at seoplus+, sat down with us to discuss the agency’s decision to partner with Crowd Content and what made the relationship so successful. Here’s the story of that journey.

The Problem

As a digital marketing agency, the content department at seoplus+ delivers strategy-driven content to local and global businesses in various sectors. Although the agency is currently growing its team of internal writers to accommodate these needs, it can’t yet meet the high demand for written content, particularly for clients in niche industries, such as health, finance, legal and IT.

To satisfy its clients’ demanding content requirements, the agency needed access to more specialized copywriters. In particular, it needed writers who could deliver high-quality content that aligned with Google E-E-A-T signals and other crucial SEO elements, while still reflecting the unique brand voices of its client businesses.

The Solution

seoplus+ began its search for a content creation solution. However, the right partner would have to fulfill crucial criteria, such as:

  • Accommodating rapid turnaround times
  • Setting reasonable prices
  • Providing access to writers who specialized in relevant niches
  • Delivering a large volume of high-quality content

Unfortunately, the path forward wasn’t as clear as the agency had hoped. Looking primarily within its current network for a solution, seoplus+ struggled to find a partner that could meet the high standards it demanded. The team found that most platforms just couldn’t generate concise, compelling content that aligned with their SEO strategy.

Because Crowd Content provides a free trial of its content creation platform, the seoplus+ team could explore the solution’s self-serve side at their leisure. In doing so, they discovered a solution that could handle the rapid turnaround times they needed with an interface that seamlessly integrated all aspects of the content ordering process. Plus, Crowd Content immediately assigned an account manager to seoplus+ to guide and support the agency throughout the process.

Then, seoplus+ tried out Crowd Content’s managed services side, which provides a fully managed content delivery experience. Through this service, a content manager creates a dedicated team of qualified copywriters and editors from the company’s pool of more than 5,000 professionals. Using a project brief provided by seoplus+, which contains detailed guidelines for the order, this team then produces publish-ready content for the client.

Because seoplus+ was pushing a lot of niche long-form content at the time, particularly in the health and IT sectors, the team hoped the platform could provide the time-saving solution they needed. So, the agency met with representatives from Crowd Content, who walked them through the process and explained what they could expect.

It was the solution seoplus+ had been hoping for: a platform with writers at all levels who could pen content in specialty niches while meeting the company’s high standards. The platform had excellent functionality, and the staff provided the open, transparent communication that seoplus+ wanted. According to Kembo, despite an initial learning curve, the platform was easy to work with and the price point aligned with the agency’s budget. Considering the solution a good match, seoplus+ signed on with Crowd Content.

The Impact

Since the partnership began, seoplus+ has seen impressive results from Crowd Content’s deliverables, particularly with the long-form content that’s the agency’s staple. As demonstrated in the metrics shown below*, the content has successfully generated organic traffic for seoplus+ clients. Over a 1-month period, these pages have enjoyed multiple views with an average viewing time of over a minute. In fact, one page garnered a whopping average page view of more than 6 minutes. By comparison, the average across industries is typically under a minute.

*Data from November 5, 2022, through December 5, 2022

Post TitlePage ViewsAverage Time on PageEntrances
Distracted Driving Accidents101.372
Driving Under Influence (DUI) Accidents111.132
Public Transport Accidents166.133
Sports Injury Lawyer112.013
Long-Term Disability Claim Lawyer313.166
Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer43.401

Beyond the Metrics

But, the impact of the seoplus+/Crowd Content partnership goes well beyond metrics. Kembo notes a multitude of benefits from the relationship, including:

  • Time savings: Features, such as Crowd Content’s on-platform editing and subject matter expert review have saved time for seoplus+ staff.
  • Client satisfaction: According to Kembo, seoplus+ clients are pleased with the content, which engaged its target audience and generated the hoped-for results.
  • Access to top-tier writers: The partnership with Crowd Content gave seoplus+ access to thousands of professional copywriters, including those who specialize in relevant niche areas. Crowd Content’s writers are trained to effectively utilize content briefs and incorporate crucial SEO elements into the deliverables. Plus, according to Kembo, it’s obvious that the writers are doing the research needed to write world-class content.
  • Personalized service: With a dedicated account manager, seoplus+ can count on clear communication, transparency, prompt availability and personalized service. The content engaged with the audience and generated results. In fact, when seoplus+ needed help finding the right copywriters to deliver the high-quality content it needed, their account manager hand-picked writers she knew could get the job done.
  • Platform functionality: One of Kembo’s favorite aspects of the partnership is the functionality of Crowd Content’s platform. Its easy-to-use interface lets the seoplus+ team see the capabilities of the writers it’s working with. Plus, the agency can filter writers based on their skill set and specialization so it can find professionals whose abilities align with its goals.
  • Quality assurance: Through Crowd Content’s multi-step process, which may include editing, SME review and a QA component, seoplus+ has been able to acquire publish-ready content. Revisions are done on the platform, something Kembo appreciates, and tools such as Copyscape ensure that the content the agency receives meets its stringent requirements.

When asked what she would recommend about Crowd Content, Kembo quickly answered, “Everything.”

Ultimately, Crowd Content has made it possible for seoplus+ to acquire the world-class content it needs at a price it can afford, and the agency is convinced that Crowd Content is the right solution for its needs. Since signing on for the service, the agency has never looked back.

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