Unveiling the Secrets of AI, NLP, ChatGPT, and ML

Key Topics:

  • AI,NLP, ChatGPT, and ML
  • How does AI, NLP, ChatGPT, and ML work
  • Pros and cons of using AI in your SEO process
  • Best ways to utilize AI in your SEO process
  • AI vs. Human: Who Will Drive the Future of SEO?


Britney Muller
Marketing & SEO Consultant + Data Science & ML Expert

Britney is passionate about Machine Learning and its intersection with Marketing/SEO. Previously Britney was the Marketing Manager & Head of PR at Hugging Face, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz, and Founder of Pryde Marketing (a boutique medical marketing agency). Currently, Britney is consulting for large Fortune 500 companies & experimenting with Data Science projects in her spare time.

Carlos Meza

Carlos Meza
President & CEO @ Crowd Content

Carlos is a guiding voice in an SEO and content creation industry brimming with turbulent growth. As CEO of Crowd Content Media, Inc., a leading content writing platform, Carlos has leveraged his past experience as a technology executive, engineer, and corporate financier to bring innovative end-to-end content creation solutions to SMBs and enterprise clients around the globe — delivering high-quality, scalable products through the marriage of human talent, technology, automation, and artificial intelligence.