Advanced Order Options

When you order content for your blog, web copy, or whatever it may be, it’s important to remember that writers do not double as mind readers.

We have created an advanced order options area where you have the ability to provide detailed instructions to your content writer. These will get you on the road to having high quality content for your site!

SEO savvy? Here’s where you enter the list of keywords you want your writer to incorporate in the final product.
Target Audience
Providing your writer with the target audience allows them to adjust the tone of the content to cater to a specific niche.
What language do you want your content written in?
Processing Time
Our algorithm is intuitive in that it auto calculates a processing time based on your word count. However, you can customize turn around time based on your deadlines.
Writer Point of View
You can choose from first person, second person, third person, or, let the writer decide.
Voice Tone
Do you want your content to be fun, informative, lighthearted, professional, serious, witty, or informative? The choice is yours!
Purpose of Content
Is the purpose of your content to entertain, promote, inform, or sell?
Call to Action
Do you want a call to action? You can choose from buy, sign up, or, find out more.
List of Main Benefits
If you want to put an emphasis on main benefits, here’s where you let your writer know
Things to Avoid
Is there something in particular that should not be mentioned? It is common to ask writers to avoid using long paragraphs in this section.
If you have more information in an attachment, feel free to upload it here. You can upload xlsx, csv and PDF files here.
Updated on March 3, 2020

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