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Ensure your writers have the tools to produce quality content that ranks on Google and engages your audience.

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Our free content brief template helps you:

  • Create a structured set of instructions for your content
  • Set parameters for SEO and keywords
  • Provide notes on your content’s goal, intended audience, style preferences, and resources
  • Achieve better results for your content’s ranking, user engagement, and readability

A content brief template is the first step to receiving high-quality content that performs.

Section included in this template:

  • SEO/Keywords: Add targeted keywords and assign specific rules that reflect your SEO strategy.
  • Word Count: Specify an optimized content length that keeps you competitive.
  • Optimized Headers: Lets you provide a structured, high-quality outline with optimized headers, keywords, and talking points.

  • Style Guide: Provide specific grammar and style rules you want the writer to follow to ensure the content matches your expectations.
  • Audience and Goal: Describe the target audience for your content and let the writer know how you want it to sound.

  • Internal resources: Supply links and other resources to direct the writer in their research.
  • Internal Linking: Include notes here about which internal URLs you’d like the writer to link to in the content to help boost your ranking.

Often, it’s not enough to give a writer a topic with keywords and ask them to write — sometimes, the finished article won’t match your expectations or ends up sounding differently than you expected.
A content brief template lets you provide all the relevant information the writer needs to execute your content in a clear, easy-to-read format.

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