3 Things You Need to Know to Create Brilliant SEO Product Descriptions

Regardless of what size your business is, product descriptions can make you or break you. Not only do you have to create unique SEO content, but it must also appeal to your target audience in such a way that it creates satisfied and loyal customers.

Creating a brilliant, search engine optimized e-commerce store with product descriptions that drive sales requires a unique synchronization of SEO expertise and writing skill that select few product description writers have managed to master.

How do the experts do it?

1. Create Unique SEO Content Using Reviews

Customers are savvier and more intelligent shoppers than ever before. As such, one of the biggest factors in deciding whether or not to buy a product is the experiences of other shoppers.

Not only can you use customer reviews (instead of sales material or case studies) to create unique and valuable product descriptions that appeal to your target market, but you can also encourage consumers to leave product reviews that would continually generate unique content.

2. Category Descriptions Are Essential

Just as brick and mortar stores are organized into different departments and sections, your online store should also be organized according to category. Category descriptions not only provide search engines with keyword-rich SEO content, but they also allow consumers to easily find what they need or browse in areas that interest them.

Unlike product descriptions, category descriptions’ main purpose is to guide and inform consumers. They should not be promotional or include any sales pitches.

While word count may vary, on average they tend to be between 100 and 200 words depending on the products.

3. Use Product SKU Longtail Keywords

You may already know that longtail keywords are essential in SEO content, however, you may not have considered the importance of including product SKUs in long tail descriptions.

SKU numbers represent a specific product, as such they can also act as a highly targeted keyword in order to drive quality traffic.

In addition to this, longtail SKU keywords can also help smaller businesses compete against the biggest leaders in e-commerce and potentially even find their listings on the same search results pages as their industry leaders.

While there is no simple formula for creating the perfect e-commerce store, it is possible to create SEO content and product descriptions that appeal to both search engines and consumers.

With a skilled writer that can create enticing content and the right SEO formula, you can create brilliant SEO product descriptions that put your business in the running with the top industry leaders in your niche.


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Lola Decker first discovered her love of written language as a young child. Throughout the years her thirst for knowledge has led her to obtain an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development and Education, and her current pursuits of becoming a content marketing expert.

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