How Reviews Can Assist Unique Product Descriptions

Unique product descriptions and reviews can help market your brand

The fight to be found is a constant battle. Whether attempting tried and true techniques or looking for that latest way to insert your product or service in front of the audience you seek to get noticed, the competition is fierce and an ever moving target.

Using reviews of products and services is becoming a solid way to get yourself to the top of the search engines or land in the face of the person researching the types of products or services you offer.

Use reviews rather than case studies or sales material

Using in-depth reviews with value added information from past customers presumes that the source of the review is more likely to be objective as opposed to the traditional ‘case study’ or even the great sales pitch or marketing campaign.

Buyers are savvier and intelligent shoppers are first looking to research what experiences their peers or other users/buyers of a product, service or company before venturing on to comparison shopping of price, convenience, etc.

Using these reviews can assist unique product descriptions in helping your target audience find and then buy from you.

According to the 2013 State of Demand Generation study by Pardot, close to 80% of buyers start their searches on the internet.

As review content grows, it is may very well begin to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) rather than case studies when prospective buyers type in common search terms like “Product A vs. Product B.”

Reviews generate unique content material

Of course, you want and hope your reviews are all positive, but even less than stellar reviews do get you exposure.

If these opportunities are used to propagate less than happy customers into a positive showcase of how your brand/company handles itself, even a bad review can gain new respect and new leads.

Use this fresh content by encouraging your audience to place reviews ~ be sure you are asking for detailed reviews, this is an added value service that simply asking for a thumbs up or down or a Facebook ‘like’ isn’t going to give you.

Offering lots of opportunities for customers and users to review and publish their comments will help increase your search-ability and assist unique product descriptions of your brand in being found in the right places.

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Chase has over 20 years experience in marketing/sales with a business degree and advanced graduate education from Boston University in IT Project Management. She is a licensed real estate broker and experienced web developer/designer. She can deliver timely, relevant copy for your technology, real estate, business and web related topics.

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