Are You Missing out on This E-commerce Secret Ingredient?

You already know how valuable original keyword rich product descriptions can be for your e-commerce business, but are category descriptions, also known as category pages, necessary for your success?


With category descriptions, your e-commerce store will be divided into categories, just as a brick and mortar store has many departments. How much longer would it take to find everything on your shopping list if there were no departments?

The categories of a clothing store might include men’s clothing, women’s clothing and children’s clothing, with sub-categories of each. An online liquor store might have categories of beer, wine and spirits, with corresponding sub-categories. Are you starting to see how important category descriptions can be?

Benefits of Category Descriptions

Category descriptions can actually benefit your online business in a three very important ways, but it requires the help of a professional category description writer with plenty of experience in sales copy. Unlike product descriptions, category descriptions are not meant to promote and should not include a sales pitch.

The primary purpose of category descriptions is to inform and guide your customers, making it easier for them to shop for the items they need. Category descriptions can also entice consumers to click into your e-commerce catalog, and browse in the areas that will interest them most. Here are the three primary reasons your e-commerce site needs category descriptions:

1)    Impress Google with original keyword rich category descriptions

2)    Establish yourself as a leader in e-commerce

3)    Increases the likelihood of a sale

Category Descriptions that Drive Consumers

For superior category content that drives consumers, your freelance category description writer will need a list of categories, sub-categories and important keywords as well as a list of popular or best-selling brands for each category. An appropriate word count will vary, depending on the products you offer to consumers, but most category descriptions fall between 100 and 200 words, on average.

Adding category descriptions to your e-commerce site is a small project that won’t be too difficult when you choose an adequate writer, but this small effort can lead to impressive sales increases over the months that follow.

Are you using category descriptions to increase sales?


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After pursuing an AAS in Nursing at Three Rivers College and Black River Technical College, Kerri found her true calling was writing. Now a full time writer on Crowd Content, she delivers original work that is highly researched and well-written, and is quick to welcome direct orders.

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