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Product Description Writers for Search

How product description writers can use product SKU long tail keywords to increase sales.

If your business depends on people finding your website in Google, the long tail is very important. Instead of focusing on optimizing your products’ page for one or two really popular words, especially if your product is more of the niche variety, try for Long Tail results. There is a lot less competition, and there’s still room for popularity and profit.

Competing with the ‘big guys’ like Amazon may seem quite daunting, but think of it this way; just like Burger King and Wendy’s always seem to find locations across from McDonald’s by ‘following’ them, product description writers can use longtail SKU keyword research to find ‘real estate’ on the search results pages with this technique.

The use of SKU product numbers makes the most sense when advertisers are using Dynamic Keyword Insertion ads or DKI where the potential customer is searching for a very specific product or part number by it’s SKU, such as ink cartridges for instance, and the ad displayed will dynamically be produced with their exact keyword match. Your site has a much better chance of being found in this very niche marketing schema that is perfect for long tail keyword use.


When it comes to using a product’s SKU in the description or related keyword research, one or two probably isn’t gonna cut it. Consider adding the SKU to an overall strategy with long tail descriptions of the product including the SKU and for ALL of your products. This is where the return on investment will really pay off! SKU numbers can be a highly targeted keyword for quality traffic since they represent a specific product. Used in bulk on an ecommerce website, the traffic you get could exponentially exceed the cost and time invested!

Research and Drill Down

The holiday shopping season is practically upon us. Get a jump start with your website by researching your product’s keyword and SKU performance results on Google. Generate an SKU level report in your Google Adwords account and test regularly for product popularity and demand. Being proactive and responsive is key to higher sales online!

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Chase has over 20 years experience in marketing/sales with a business degree and advanced graduate education from Boston University in IT Project Management. She is a licensed real estate broker and experienced web developer/designer. She can deliver timely, relevant copy for your technology, real estate, business and web related topics.

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