Social Content: What It Is and How to Master It

There is no doubt that social media has a large impact on organic SEO rankings. Even if the exact algorithm that search engines use to rank social media is still a mystery, social signals are becoming more important than ever.

While we may know the impact of social signals, it seems harder than ever to create unique content that will be retweeted, shared, liked and circulated throughout the social media world.

The only question that remains is: What is social content and how do I get it?

What Is Social Content?

Social SEO content is unique content that is both appealing to search engines and promotes socialization.

Whether it be in the form of commenting on blog posts, sharing content via social media or gathering information through surveys, creating unique and informative content that promotes socialization is key to becoming a credible industry leader that consumers trust in any niche.

How Do You Create Social SEO Content?

There is no cut and dry solution for creating engaging social content. In fact, there are numerous options available depending on your goals, purpose and outlet.

For Engaging SEO Content:

  • Research Keywords – You cannot find and appeal to your target audience if you don’t know what they are searching for.
  • Provide Valuable But Simple Solutions – People surfing the web rarely read anything from start to finish. Instead, they skim the headlines and headings in order to find the most relevant and valuable information.
  • Be Empathetic – Appealing to your target audiences’ emotions and being empathetic with their plight is one of the most tried and true methods for gaining the attention and trust of your audience.
  • Start The Conversation – Engaging SEO content is never simply read and forgot, instead it is one of the most powerful conversation starters available that can be utilized across blogs, social media, backlinks and more.

To Increase Shares & Comments:

  • Post The 1st Comment – People are more likely to act if they are not the first one to do so. Being the first to comment is more likely to incite responses and inspire others to share their thoughts.
  • Respond To Comments – Engage readers by responding to their comments. This helps them associate an identity with the content creator and brings the author to life.
  • Create Surveys – As one of the most direct ways to engage your audience, conducting surveys initiates a direct conversation and provides tangible results.

With social SEO content that is appealing to both search engines and engaging to your audience base, anyone can become a trusted and reliable leader in their niche.


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Lola Decker first discovered her love of written language as a young child. Throughout the years her thirst for knowledge has led her to obtain an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development and Education, and her current pursuits of becoming a content marketing expert.

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