The Workflow

When you place your first order, and any subsequent orders after that, it reaches a large pool of writers who can view and access orders at your preferred star level and higher.

Place Your Order to Your Desired Star Level

For instance, if you place an open order for 4-star content, it reaches all available 4-star writers in the system. Placing an open order at the 3-star level makes it available to all 3- and 4-star writers. Similarly, 2-star orders are available to all writers with 2, 3 or 4 stars.

A Qualified Writer Will Pick Up Your Order

Writers receive an email notification when your orders have been placed, so they can log in and decide whether or not to write the order depending on their time constraints, interests or skills.

After your order is placed, a qualified writer will pick it up to work on and complete it according to the deadline you set and the minimum time allowed by the platform — 24 hours per 500 words.

If you need content faster than that, you can call us directly and we’ll put you in touch with a qualified writer who may be available to complete it for you right away.

Review and Accept Your Content

After the writer produces the content according to your instructions and guidelines, they’ll submit the content for you to review.

At this stage, you have two choices: Choose to accept the content as-is or send it back to the writer to make revisions.

If you request revisions, you’ll have an opportunity to provide specific guidance for the writer to let them know exactly what you want changed.

The writer has 24 hours to complete revisions, and then the content is sent back to you for further review.

If everything looks great, then you can accept the content, and the writer is paid. Once the content is accepted, you can use it as you need for your business.

Updated on March 9, 2020

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